YAD Index of Lessons

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Lesson One
Foundations and Overview

Why Another Wicca Course
Overview of the Course
The Wiccan Path
In-Spired Magick
Foundations of Practice: 1

Lesson Two
The Natural World

Overview of the Lesson – 2
As You Begin Your Journey
A Study of the Elements
East Meets West: The Tattwas
Gaia: Our Mother
Foundations of Practice: 2

Lesson Three
The Divine World

Overview of the Lesson – 3
What is the Divine World?
The Mystery of the Goddess
The Mystery of the God
The Divine Couple
Foundations of Practice: 3

Lesson Four
The Wheel of the Year

Overview of the Lesson – 4
What is the Wheel of the Year?
The Cycles of the Wheel
The Cycles of the God and Goddess Through the Wheel
The Sabbats of the Great Wheel:
The Winter Solstice
The Spring (Vernal) Equinox
The Summer Solstice
The Fall (Autumnal) Equinox
Foundations of Practice: 4

Lesson Five
The Tools of the Craft

Overview of the Lesson -5
Tools of the Craft: The Power of Four
The Elemental Connection
The Tool of Great Price
Smells and Bells
Foundations of Practice: 5

Lesson Six
Creating Sacred Space

Overview of the Lesson – 6
What is Sacred Space?
Sacred Space Within Ritual
The Components of Ritual
Casting the Circle
Calling the Energies of the Quarters
Sacred Altars
Foundations of Practice: 6

Lesson Seven
The Magickal Self

Overview of the Lesson – 7
The Right Mind Set
Me, Myself and I
A Name By Any Other Name
A Book Is Not (Always) Just A Book
Clothing Your Intent
Foundations of Practice: 7

 Lesson Eight
Personal Practice

Overview of the Lesson – 8
Developing Your Spiritual Practice
The Foundations are Elemental
Know Thyself
The Path of Devotion
I Sing the Body Electric
Tools for Learning
Time to Grow (A Practice of Your Own)

Lesson Nine
Lunar and Solar Magick

Overview of the Lesson – 9
Lunar Magick
Liber Vel Hecate
The Phases of the Moon
Astrology and Lunar Magick
A Chart of The Modalities
Solar Magick
Liber Resh Vel Helios
The Solar Cycles
Solar and Lunar Deities
Foundations of Practice: 9

Lesson Ten
Divination and Spell Work

Overview of the Lesson – 10
The Basics of Divination
Tools for Divination
The Basics of Spell Casting
The Tools for Spell Casting
Foundations of Practice:10

Lesson Eleven
The Hidden Worlds

Overview of the Lesson – 11
What Are The Hidden Worlds
The Nature Spirits
The Elementals
Your Inner Landscape
The Astral
Foundations of Practice: 11

Lesson Twelve
The Greater Work Within Community

Overview of the Lesson – 12
Our Connection to Community
How To Get Involved
The Path of Service
The Pagan Community and Its Resources
Foundations of Practice: 12

Lesson Thirteen
The New Journey

Overview of the Lesson – 13
Looking Back to Move Ahead
A Well Worn Path
Ethics of the Craft
Solitary vs. Coven
A Journey of No Steps
Foundations of Practice:13

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