This list of Resources will be added to as we progress through the course. Enjoy!


Podcasts and Other Media

Elemental Castings By T.Thorn Coyle

mza_218248077899645955.170x170-75Description: Elemental Castings is a semi-weekly podcast hosted by internationally respected teacher and author, T. Thorn Coyle. With guests from many magickal and Pagan traditions, each week will delve into aspects of one of the classical elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Aether. Join us as we ponder, conjure, and have some fun together. Available at ITUNES


Wiccan and Pagan Supplies

Sacred Source

Sacred Source is a leading producer and distributor of ancient deity images in North America. We are a retail mail-order and internet catalog business and wholesale distributor whose goals are to bring affordable museum reproduction and folk-handcraft deity images back into Western culture. Through our artisan community and handcraft factory in India, we produce over 500 separate statues in Ganges clay, polymer resin, gypsum, cast brass and pewter, as well as decorative jewelry of several kinds

Eclectic Artisans

Eclectic Artisans is focused on providing High-Quality, Handcrafted Pagan Products as well as practical every day Wiccan Supplies. Our goal is to provide you with a vast selection of the best products to fit your needs! Weather it be for your personal altar, a custom piece of jewelry, a custom sign, a hand-fasting or birthday gift, or maybe some new decor for your home, we have you covered!

Bell, Book and Candle

Bell, Book and Candle has been serving the community since 2001, and is open and welcoming to people of all spiritual paths. We are like an old-style general store in that we carry a bit of everything and are willing to order or to track down unusual items. We sell books, herbs, essential oils, incense, clothing, statuary, ritual tools, jewelry, and all manner of interesting curios. We carry items that are of interest to spiritual seekers, witches, pagans, heathens, hoodoo practitioners, light workers, healers, and more.

We also host and sponsor events such as workshops, book signings, rituals, social events, etc. We also have readings available at the store. We have Tarot readers, Rune readers, and Astrologers by appointment. We also offer consultations and mentoring sessions for your spiritual and magical work.

Mystic Spirit Metaphysical Shoppe

Mystic Spirit Metaphysical Shoppe is a metaphysical shop located in Montclair New Jersey specializing in products for Witchcraft, Wiccan, Pagan, Goddess, Buddhist, Hindu, New Age, Occult, Spiritual beliefs. We feel that all paths lead to the divine source.

Earth Speak

EarthSpeak is a unique store offering cross cultural items, handmade jewelry, pottery, art, wood carvings, angels, geodes, crystals, books, music, cards, clothing, blown glass, fountains and much more.

Beys Rock Shop
Supplier of rocks, minerals, fossils and more!

Tools Specifically

BUDK- Knives and Swords
I have purchased 2 swords and 2 athames from this source and find their merchandise to be exactly as represented and reasonable in price.


Amazon: Believe or not, Amazon has a varied selection of athames, pentagram,s bells, etc.. If you search for “athame” the search page will have other tools as well.

Amazon has a very nice simple Wood Handled Athame with sheath. In fact, this is the first athame I acquired that my husband gifted me with.

Pentagram Altar Tile

Ritual Clothing

Holy Clothing

Garb the World: Excellent selection of ritual and historical clothing

The Magick Moon: Cloaks and Robes

Traditions and Mystery Schools

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel is a legally recognized Wiccan non-profit religious organization based in the Mid-Atlantic region. The form of Wicca that the Assembly practices is syncretic and draws inspiration from Astrology, Qabala, the Western Magickal Tradition and the folk religions of Europe. Keepers of the Holly Chalice, the founding coven of the Assembly began its life in February of 1984 and celebrated its 30th Year Anniversary in 2014. The Assembly was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1993 and was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS in 1995.

 Light Haven’s® foundation is rooted in the mystical and esoteric knowledge found in the Western Mystery and Ceremonial Magick traditions. We embrace a strong connection to the Ancient Egyptian tradition. Our work includes the Qabalah, Hermetic philosophy, Ritual training and the Art and Science of Magick. Our ongoing studies embrace the exploration of Eastern metaphysics, Earth Based traditions and Shamanism.

We believe in a Divinity that is both immanent, inherent in all that exist as well as transcendent, beyond the scope of our immediate understanding. As individuals we have a spark of the Divine within us and are called to nurture and ignite that spark into a flame. The great Mystery of God and Goddess express in a multiplicity of ways and we celebrate the love that is the unifying force.

The study of the Perennial Wisdom is not new in the history of humanity. The questioning mind and an open heart have long driven individuals and groups to explore beyond existing dogma.

The Servants of the Light School of Occult Science, also known as “SOL,” is a fully contacted Mystery School, teaching throughout the world, by correspondence. We are a registered, non-profit making organization and have over 6000 students in 23 different countries.

Reflections Mystery School is a tradition; it is a mystery school; it is a way of life; it is the vision of one woman, Katrina Messenger. Our purpose is to train the vision keepers, edge-walkers, soul retrievers and seed savers of the incoming age.

Morningstar Mystery School brings the teaching of T. Thorn Coyle to students and seekers regardless of physical location. Our online courses combine:

  • Weekly reading assignments from Thorn
  • Weekly homework
  • Weekly check-ins with Thorn
  • Mentors who assist with classes
  • Web forum to discuss your work with other students

Thorn’s teachings spring from deep religious and spiritual practice. Seekers can use the work here to supplement their own spiritual path, or can go on to do further, more intensive work with Thorn over time.

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