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30 Days of Samhain: Day Twenty-Eight

All Paths Have Led Me to YOU We stand at just a few days before astrological Samhain. And, as we ride the cresting of this Sabbat’s energies, take note that the days following Samhain are those that will carry you … Continue reading

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30 Days of Samhain:Day Twelve

What About These Veils? Samhain and its counterpart, Beltane, are the time of access to the wisdom of the natural world and the Ancestors. The energy that is called forth at Beltane and communion with the nature spirits and the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon! 13 Days Walking the Witch’s Path

Samhain is fast approaching… Join me on October 10th for 13 days of video blogs about the Wiccan practice. I’ll be talking about Deity, Personal Practice, the Natural World and more. And, why I chose 13 days 🙂 See you … Continue reading

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A Bonus Post for your Hall of the Goddess! Happy Samhain…

This time of the year is one of connection. The veils between the worlds have thinned and many will reach out to the Goddess Hecate as they seek the deeper wisdom of her triune form. Some will call to the … Continue reading

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