A Journey of No Steps


The Temple stands ready and
My mind and heart now readied
My sight finally awakened.

Love fills this space and
Energy moves in rhythm
With breath and blood.

The Gods surround as my
Spirit rises in joyous embrace.

The Great Work now begun
My reflection mirrored back in
Beauty’s Gate flung wide open.

We have talked a lot in this course about the power of your own physical state of being, and now that we have moved full cycle through a year and a day, hopefully that thought will take on a different cloak of meaning than when the course began.

Although, making connection with and attending gatherings with like-minded people serves many purposes towards your spiritual growth; there is also no need to look any further than yourself for what is needed for successful practice and engagement along the Path. Let’s take a look at some of those components that make for an enriched practice and see how this statement might apply.

The Temple or Sacred Space of the Craft:
Your Body

We hear often the statement that “we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience”. The essence of this statement gives clue to the great vessel we are and the importance of maintaining our physical Temples as we would any building or space that we considered for use of the sacred work. These physical Temples that are body are always with us for the duration of this lifetime’s experience. We may enact and create sacred space, ritual, intent and focus without having to put ourselves in any space other than that in which we currently reside.

With acceptance of this concept comes also the demand for keeping that Temple a fit dwelling for the Divine. Right diet, right exercise, proper rest, moderation and awareness of our state of health are no different than those efforts given towards keeping the geographic ritual space you have established clean, uncluttered and functioning at peak performance. An additional bonus towards efforts at keeping our bodies fit is the deeper connection it affords to make with the elements that surround us, the food and the animals we share this planet with and the environmental impact we make on our home.

The Knowledge Acquired:
Your Mind

The storehouse of memory and gathered knowledge resides like a vast library within the human mind. Most of the information we have available we rarely use. And most of what we eventually use during the course of a lifetime, remains hidden or veiled until something acts as key or stimulant to draw it up to the surface of our conscious self. We carry within all the knowledge and information that is needed to move us along any spiritual Path we choose to set our foot to. The lessons are encoded in our DNA and the holographic images and imprint of our lineage divine is stored within each cell.

The Spells and Workings:
The Physical Processes and Bodily Functions

The Laws of Nature are those of the Laws of the Cosmos. If we consider the amazing machinery that ensures that our manifest forms function, we are in fact looking at these laws in their physical state of expression. We are the manifest product or result of those Laws working in harmony – as in a state of health and well being- or disharmoniously- or in a state of dis-ease and discord. With each breath we take and with every beat of our heart we are setting into motion the great spell of “Life”. With each act of exertion and movement, we are setting into motion the spell of “Will and Intent”. And, with each seed of inspiration, desire and outcome we have set into motion the spell of “Manifestation” of human life, invention or creative product.

The Divine (Gods, Goddesses, Guides and Other Non-Corporeal Beings):
Our Higher Selves in collaboration with the Limitless All

When we open ourselves to being fully present in our current moment of space and time we are also fully present in accessing our higher nature. Even in the midst of our most mundane of activities, the act of fully engaging by default sets into motion the collaboration between Higher and Lower selves. We expect this to be true when we sit quietly in reflection and meditation and often these connections become more palpable and have potential for greater clarity because we have completely turned our focus towards awareness of them.

The Great Work:

Integration comes through lifting the voice in chant or invocation to the Gods. It is the opening of your heart to a place of greater compassion, and feeling the outpouring of love and compassion from those you meet. Integration comes as the gift from hours of sitting in quiet reflection and the many steps walked to and from our place of service. The Great Work is all of these things and more. It’s meaning will change in accord with who you ask the definition of. It is colored and configured by the diversity of each individual’s own place on the Path.

So, if I were asked what the Great Work is I would define it in this way….

The Great Work is the work of transforming yourself. The Work of aligning your parts of Self to move in reflection and accord with the Natural world that surrounds and resides within us. The Great Work is that of refining and raising the state of consciousness to a place of awareness and revelation of the subtleties of the Universe. And, in the cycle of return to bring those treasures to a place where they may be used for the highest good of all. And so, I will conclude this part of your journey with those words offered at it’s start.

As You Begin Your (New) Journey…

May the wisdom of the winds flow through your thoughts

May the passion of the eternal flame ignite curiosity
in your heart

May the waters of the Great Mother soothe and heal
the challenges you encounter in your seeking

May the strength of the gifts of nature and life’s energy
feed, comfort and sustain you and

May you always reside in the Brilliance of your Divine Self

~ Blessed Be ~

Foundations of Practice: 13

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