Overview of the Lesson: 5 – The Tools of the Craft

Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand,
and work with whatever tools you may have at your command,
and better tools will be found as you go along.

… George Herbert …

What are the Magickal Tools?

A Witch’s Magickal Tools are a necessary component of the interface that happens between the practitioner and the dynamics and efficacy of the energy of the working that is desired. The acquisition of your tools and subsequent use are important first steps in working magick. These are the tools that are used in ritual, can be incorporated into a meditation practice and assist in the training of the mind to direct the flow of energy and intent required to accomplish what the Will desires. We’ll begin by taking a look at the basic set of tools and explore some additional ones that are often used in a Wiccan practice in a later post.

The Elemental Connection

We acknowledge the presence of the alchemical elements within the physical and spiritual make-up of our bodies. We call upon these elements to enliven our will and move through us with goal of achieving a state of focused energy directed through the use of four basic tools. These are aligned with the energies of the elements and serve to deepen the connection between the outer and inner workings of the Witch.

The Tool of Great Price

The Fifth element is that of Spirit. This is the tool of your own being. You, as the director, conduit and creator of the outcome of the working move energy first through the vehicle of your own body and then extend and direct that energy outwards and through the tools you are working with. You are the vital ingredient in the recipe for making magick and become the sacred vessel that holds the imprint of all of your tools as a synthesized and purposeful whole.

Smells and Bells

Beyond the basic tools are those that work in conjunction with and act as enhancement to the work being done. These include besoms, incense, oils, candles, statues of Deity and varied instruments to name a few. We’ll take a look at the ways we incorporate some of these as staples in our Wiccan practice.

Foundations of Practice

Our focus in Foundations of Practice this month will center on the care and keeping of the magickal tools you’ve acquired; consecration and dedication of the tools and development of specific meditative practice to deepen your energetic connection to them.

Reading and Resources:

Check out the Suggested Reading this month for additions that will give you ideas for finding, crafting and personalizing your tools. The Resource section has a few additions as well, with recommendations for stores that carry a wide variety and quality products for magickal work.

Grab your athame, wand
Chalice and pentacle.

Each holds the wisdom of
Your will’s intent.

Each carries the insight
Of mystical journeys
Boldly taken.

Each carries the sigil
Of your Highest purpose.

The Magick of intention
Awaits your hand of power.


Tools of the Craft: The Power of Four

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