Overview of the Lesson-13: The New Journey

dreamstime_m_35414576 2
Take, take your time.
Smell the roses, but steal the vines.
Don’t wait for the hands of time
To second guess and change your mind.
And shine.
Here’s your moment to shine.
… Lyrics from “There And Back Again” by Roger Daughtry

These final lessons mark a full year’s (and a day) commitment to exploring the beauty and joy of following the ways of nature, The Gods and your inner Divinity. If you choose to continue in these practices you will be starting a new journey on a newly defined path. Choices such as whether to work as a solitary or join a coven, the ethics of how and who you interact with and learn from, and how you move in this world from here forward are some of those that will be presented.

The simple fact of the matter is that you have changed. The moment you began this course and this journey, things changed within you. And, even if you determine that this is not the Path for you, you can rest assured that this decision has been informed by the teachings you have explored. Please check back periodically, as new material will be added to the BOS.

Reading and Resources:
This final listing highlights some reading to set you on your new course and a pdf of Oak and Willow’s comprehensive recommended reading list.

I encourage you to share your thoughts about this course in the comment section. What we offer is only as good as the suggestions, input and feedback from those such as yourself. Several of you asked if there would be a continuation of this course. The answer is yes! Look for a second installment this Summer; and a special announcement of another complimentary project coming soon.

So let’s begin our final walk together…..

The circle is complete
Time has etched out the way
God and Goddess have graced
Us as we offered devotion each day.

The elements have gathered
In balance deep within
And, the alchemy of energy
Was carried on fire’s breathy wind.

The time for return, to review
And reflect is now close at hand
In the circle of the Old Ones
In the space of service
Hence forth, we shall stand……

Looking Back to Move Ahead

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