Overview of the Lesson: 2-The Natural World

wonderous-earth-2The Natural World…

Is what surrounds and embodies us. Some of its realms are seen and some are contained within the unseen realms, but regardless of their visibility they have tremendous impact on us. We are, after all, spiritual beings incarnated into physical bodies. The building blocks of this Natural world are the elements. They are the components of the natural world that hold the fabric of everything together. They are also within every living thing. Our bodies hold each of the five elements within our very being. Everything is a conglomeration of these five; although one or two may be more dominant, each are dependent upon one another as some thread of the others to support its more dominant nature . Highlights of what is ahead for this month include:

A Study of the Elements:
We will begin our exploration with a look at the Five Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit). The energies and components both at a scientific and esoteric level of the five elements are the fundamental ingredients contained within every structure within the Cosmos. Planets, stars, and all life forms are combinations of all the basic elements. They may have one or more of the elements in dominance, but there is always a thread of connection with those elements that are not do overt that enables the more dominant to exist.

I am Air and my gift fills your lungs
I move and flow carried on
What cannot be seen
And I hold within my mystery
The inventive mind that
Ignites the flame of creation.

How will you breathe my inspiration?

I am Fire and my will is final
What I lay hand to is forever
Changed and transformed
I bring the promise of new
Growth and I hold within
The embers of my mystery
The spark of Divine Will.

How will you answer my call to action?

Prisms of light are reflected
On my flowing surface
I ask you to wax and wane
In all of your endeavors
And I hold within my mystery
The healing touch that offers
The gift of true gnosis.

How will you open to my floods?

I am earth and the power of memory
I hold the memory of time
Before manifest form
I hold within my mystery
The key to awakening
From the space of silence.

How will you honor the sacred vessel that is your body?

I am that I AM
All is my power
Nothing is my will
I am limitless and
I am finite in my plan
I hold the mystery that
Is unknown and the
Seeking of it is my desire.

How will you live your life of humanity?

East Meets West- The Tattvas:
Although the Tattvas are not used in a traditional Wiccan path, the perspective they offer and the different layers of meaning they give to the more traditional attributes of the elements can offer great insight. I did, after all, say that this course would be a slightly different introduction to Wiccan philosophies.

Gaia- Our Mother:
She offers us her food and willingly sacrifices her waters and lands to sustain our needs, and asks only that we love and respect her in return.

I hear you call me
The leaves speak my name
You hold me as I move
On ground that is strong
Fertile and ripe with life.

The water of your rains
Cool and soothe and
The bite of winter’s snarling mouth
Moves me towards fires
That are warm and fragrant
With the woods of your offering.

The winds move in lively rhythm
And when you are angered
They move from your exhale
Like great beasts scattering
All in their path.

The wing of songbird beats
Out the tune that awakens
You from sleep’s hold
And lion paces back and forth
Treading the wrinkles
Of your weathered flesh.

Master of winter bows
In your presence as you
Shake free of his frigid grasp.

The solar Lord ignites
Your fires deep within your belly
As the natural world trembles
With passion’s release as
Sun and earth unite
In summer’s heat of
Passionate embrace.

All lay ripe and ready
Your skin once more to shed
And deep within the belly of
Your being the call to verdant life
Shall lay dormant once more.

Though in slumber,
You may appear to be
You are ever watchful of
Caretaker and steward’s hand
For the potency of your life
Is in response to those who
Honor and respect your
Continuing cycles.

Foundations of Practice this month will include mediations for each of the elements to be used as a means of connecting more fully to the specific element of study, journaling and more.

Reading and Resources:
Be sure to take a look at the Suggested Reading for select topic-specific additions and on the Resources page you will find a link to a series of very informative podcasts by T. Thorne Coyle. The podcast is called “Elemental Castings” and podcast is focused on discussion of a specific element via interview with some very well respected members of the Pagan community.

So, get your elements moving and open up your Mind. Fire up your determination and will as you Feel your way through the process and Ground yourself in the foundations of your physical world; and you may just find that inner spark of a bright Spirit within.

Blessings Bright …

Next Week’s Post: A Study of the Elements

New! Resources Page

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