Overview of the Lesson: 9 – Lunar and Solar Magick


Luna looks down
And the spell is cast
Father Sun heats the intent
And sustains the
Creative flow.
Weave your magick
For you are the child
Of sun and moon
And the heavens await your
hand of creation.

I see the Sun and the Sun sees Me
I see the Moon and the Moon sees Me

We have come now to the place on our Path where the still waters run deep and magick is woven with the threads of intuitive guidance and strength and courage. This is the magick of the Moon and Sun. We work the Esbats to draw on Mother Moon’s healing waters and celebrate the Sabbats of Fire and desire to energize our Will to Action.

This month we will explore those energies that are held within the Natural cycles that surround us. It is they who control and wield their power over all of Life and it is to their embrace that we return each month, each morning and evening to bathe in their sustaining and opening powers.

This month’s lesson will also include a brief introduction to the astrological timing of Lunar workings and a suggestion for daily practice to connect more fully with the solar energies.

Foundations of Practice

The Foundations page this month includes two meditations, each of which are designed to connect you more fully to the moon and the sun. Continue your breath work as this still remains the staple of every magickal endeavor. And, we kick off the year and this lesson with a journaling exercise that will provoke thought on your definition of lunar and solar work.

Reading and Resources:

Be sure to check out the Reading section this month for additions that will offer more insight to your lunar and solar work. There will also been some additions made to the Book of Shadows page.

So, let us begin the work at hand dancing in moonlight’s grace and sun’s molten core….

Luna bright and Sun God’s flame
Fill me with your essence
Cool the waters that
Flow in turbulence
Heat the passion that
Spills from mind’s creation.
I move within your cycles
Hear your call
To return
Light and darkness
Join in sacred union.
Strength and Healing
Divine Spark and Gnosis of Womb’s Birth
We answer
We are
We aspire….

Foundations of Practice:
Journaling-The Moon and Sun Flow Through Me

Take a look at the files in The Temple of the Cosmic Spheres Blog. I will be using this as a bonus resource for our studies this month.

Next Week’s Post
We begin our exploration of Lunar Magick

Moon wonder child

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