Foundations of Practice: Lesson Five


The Working Story

If you have already have some (or all of the basic tools) write down the “story” of where and how you acquired each and the feeling that you experienced the first time you used each. Add to your journal the “story” of any new tools as you acquire these.  Be sure to include the where and when. Additional notes can include any modifications or additions you made to them. If you performed a consecration ritual; write down the preparations made, the supplies used and what type of working action was performed.

If you are just beginning to start the process of seeking out your tools, begin by writing the vision you have of your wand, athame, pentagram or chalice. What type of materials would you like the tool to be crafted from? What color? Do some online searching to see the varied ways that these tools can be crafted. I have embellished and personalized some of mine further with the addition of a specific crystal or scribed a sigil (a magickal symbol that resonates to a specific energetic pattern) or design or pattern that resonated with into the wood of my wand or around the edging of my drum.

As you begin to work with these tools in the months ahead, record any changes you note in the way the energy is flowing between you and the tool you are using. Often the subtleties that are found in the energy your tool accumulates and your increased awareness of that interface and link when you work with it in a mindful way form the deepest connections to a specific tool. That tool may be your favorite one in the long run.

Practical Experience


This week I have prepared a very basic ritual that may be used to consecrate your tools. Feel free to edit, revise or rewrite as you are called. If you have all four of your tools ready to consecrate, you may do all in a single ritual. If you have already consecrated some (or all of your tools) it is good practice to routinely re-dedicate and consecrate them. Just as with any fine instrument of use, regular cleaning and fine-tuning makes the sound more enjoyable and effective.

A Simple Ritual for Tool Consecration

Spirit Flows

burning incense stick on black
This exercise is meant to give you the analogy of an image of the element of Spirit within you.

Spirit Flows

porta tra le stelle

A Pathworking of the Tools

This pathworking is intended to draw the energy of the tools you have been working with into a place of synthesis and resonance within your consciousness. Use this as often as you wish and be sure to record your experiences each time, as they will change and be a reflection of your progress.

Click here to begin your journey….

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