Overview of the Lesson: 6- Creating Sacred Space


The Experience of Sacred Space makes possible the “founding of the world”:
where the sacred Manifests itself in space,the real unveils itself,
and the world comes into existence
… Mircea Eliade …

What is Sacred Space?

Read and re-read the quote above. Take it into your space of meditation. Analyze, dissect and observe it from all angles, perspectives and meaning. Try to feel the weight and breath of its meaning and allow the words to gently wash over you. Digest it and then simply sit with the feeling of satiety its inner essence provides. And, once you have done these things, redo them, one by one. Therein you will find the wholeness and gnosis of meaning that is contained within the sacred space you have so intensely and with such devotion created around those words.

Foundations of Practice:

Our focus in Foundations of Practice this month will center on creating your own quarter calls and connection to the natural positive flow of energy that prepares us for magickal work.

Reading and Resources:

Check out the Suggested Reading this month for additions that will give you ideas for altar spaces and he varied types and uses of sacred space beyond ritual work. For more in depth study of the techniques and mechanics of successful castings , please check out the book:

Castings: The Creation of Sacred Space by Ivo Dominguez, Jr., Elder of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition

Resources will update with some resources for purchasing ritual robes and creating your own.

Let the space be readied
Let the mind be open.
By Blue Flame and
Power of Four
We call forth the
Divine Spark within.
May the Gates be open
And the Journey begin…

 What is Sacred Space

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