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South – Transformation – Will


Crackle and hiss the
Verbosity of flame’s intent
The cold gives way to passion
And desire’s deep intent.

Step into the flame
Let the heat transform
The ash of Phoenix rises
Only after the charged
Embrace of will and desire.

The embers burn low
And I am called to tend their need
To keep the fires burning
To fan the flame within.

And throughout the dark night
The light from fire’s core
Holds me deep within her grasp til
Father Sun rises
Jubilant at Dawn’s waking.

FIRE unlike other the elements cannot exist in physical form without consuming and destroying something else, thus causing transformation of that thing. It is out of that destruction that the potential for the most growth often occurs. Like the legendary Phoenix rising from the flames of ash.

At a purely mundane and physical level Fire is associated with heat. The warmth of the Sun, and the heat of the the wood stove that keeps us warm in wintry weather. When we take it to the mental level, Fire becomes the passion that excites and ignites. It is the catalyst that creates movement and it is the creative spark that leads to new invention or manifest creation. At a spiritual/magickal level, Fire carries the seeds of change that are the stuff of initiatory change, action and development of the Higher Will.

Within the Laws of the Elements, Fire can be equated with:

The Law of Polarities (FIRE)- Each entity must have an equal or counterpart to exist. Fire is both a magnet and a repellent, alternating between the two to create the friction that causes something to ignite. Without the attracting nature, inertia would set in. If there is nothing to “act” upon (stasis) the process of “action” (movement) would not occur. Each needs the other in order for expression of the result to occur. which brings us to:

The Law of Cause and Effect (FIRE)- thought causes action and action provokes or spawns thought. This is a basic principle of taking the idea, acting upon it by process of change and analysis of what the properties of that thing are and then through the catalytic qualities of action fueled by the will to bring something into being that is the direct (or at times indirect) product or result.

 Some Correspondences: Fire

Direction South – Noon
Elementals Salamanders – Djinn
Colors Red    Orange    Gold   White
Planet Sun – Mars (assertion/action)
Chakra Solar Plexus – the seat of power- the energetic core
Season Summer
Sabbat Summer Solstice  Litha
Moon Phase Full
Instruments Guitar/Stringed Instruments
Astrological Aries – Leo – Sagittarius
Craft Tools Wands/Swords
Tarot: Suit of Wands
Life Cycle Youth
Ritual Protection – Courage – Sex – Energy Strength – Release

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