Foundations of Practice: 13


Foundations of Practice

These foundations have been the cornerstones of the work you have done each month. Hopefully, you have come to a place where some of these suggestions have become routine and have served as jumping boards for additions and your own creative endeavors.

Review Your Journal

Set aside a quiet time to sit and read through your journal. Read through slowly and carefully, making mental note of any recurring threads of success or challenge as you have moved through this past year. Continue to use your journal to record your experiences and thoughts. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself with more frequent creative ideas and inspiration regarding your personal practice and ritual work. Years from now, when you look again at these treasures of your first steps, you will be amazed at how far you have come, what unique experiences you have had and what tools you have gathered along the way.


Try to maintain a daily meditation practice. Go back and select the meditations that you most enjoyed. Remember to always begin with your breathing exercises. As you continue with this effort you will find that you are able to achieve deeper levels of relaxation and open your consciousness to multiple levels of engagement. Be sure to record any relevant insights in your journal.

Devotion and Practice

Connect To The MOON through ritual Esbat or meditation.
Review those lessons we spent on the Lunar cycles and explore communing with some of the Lunar Deities.

Connect To The SUN
Walk at lunch time, go to the park on a beautiful weekend day. And don’t forget to honor and acknowledge the Sabbat celebrations.

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