Overview of the Lesson: 10-Divination and Spell Work


Circle round thrice
As the witch’s pouch
Is held tight.

The cauldron is filled
With water and moonlight.

Gaze up towards Lady Moon
And call forth your desire.

The herbs in the bag of art
Throw now into the heat
Of the blazing fire.

As we continue with our studies of those still waters that hold much in their reflective surface the art and practice of Divination and Low Magick ( or Spell Casting) calls to us. Words of power, allies of plant and resin and carefully planned timing, all hold the keys to aiding the process towards successful outcome.

This month we will explore the tools and methods of gaining information through divinatory techniques and calling to ourselves those things which we desire, wish for or hope to manifest in our lives through the crafting of spells.

Foundations of Practice
The Foundations page this month offers up opportunity to investigate and try out some of the divination techniques we have learned about. The meditative focus will center on honing the tools needed for successful spell work and pointing the lens of inner sight towards what we wish to bring into manifest form. And, you will be adding to your own BOS, a specific spell of your own creation.

Reading and Resources:
Be sure to check out the Reading section this month for additions that go into more depth about the varied techniques of Divination and suggestions for creating your own spells.

So, let us begin the work at hand….

Gaze into that
Which holds the key
Reflecting back the
Treasure of answer to me.

Wood and wax
Crystal and flame
The truth revealed
The heart’s desire thusly named.

I cast this spell
That by Witch’s mind
Heart and hand this work
Of will shall be done.

The Basics of Divination

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