Overview of the Lesson-12: The Greater Work Within Community


We dance the circle
And move to
Rhythmic drum.

Each connected to the other
A tribe, a gathering
A weaving into one.

Time moves the Great Wheel
We lift our spirits high.

In celebration we declare
That our Gods have come nigh.

We are the community
That serves with open hand.

It is our Great Earth
Mother upon which in
Unified work we stand.

Strong in our connections
Mind, body and hearts in sync.

Father Sun’s passion
Flames at our central core
From its quickening we drink.

Voices raised in joy
and love as hands create.

We heal and we offer devotion
Our magickal work is truly great.

And so in perfect love and trust
We embrace the Path ahead.

The Greater work of our community
Infused with every step we tread.

First steps, first paths
Now blaze strong forever
Enlivened now by more
Than one.

As we continue to grow and thrive under the Great Canopy of Nature, her bounty is recognizable and available at every turn. For those who move along her fertile terrain it is now time to reach out and explore the diverse nature and offerings of this great community of nature-based faith that we are becoming a part of.

This month we will take a look at the pagan community, its resources and the many ways you can become involved, informed and enchanted by its connection. Whether you choose to remain a solitary or join a coven, outside of the personal and/or group work that you engage in there is the call to service inclusive of a larger base of people that is inherent within the commitment to walking a Wiccan Path. We’ll take a look at how this component can enhance your own work as well.

Foundations of Practice

The Foundations page this month offers some suggestions for reaching out to the broader community. Festivals, gatherings and service works should now be part of the foundation you have built.

Reading and Resources:

Our resources this month are embedded within and part of the Pagan Community pages. They are varied and abundant on the internet. Take a look at the work of the Mystery schools and Traditions listed. Check out the Reading section for a listing of books on the environment and recycling.

So, let us join in the circle that is community, lift our hearts to the call to service and greet the others who share our canopy of grace…..

Sound the call to those
Traveler’s upon the Path.

Make your presence be known
As seeker and initiate
As dedicant and adept
We are all one.

For it is in the subtleties and
Strengths of the larger
Community that our foundation
Is firmly rooted.

And from each unique
Limb and fiber of an
Ever growing Tree the
Most powerful magick of
Collaboration is woven.

From those singular roots
That join in the Union
Of perfect love and perfect
Trust we find our place of
Service and our loving home.

Our Connection to Community

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