Foundations of Practice: Lesson Seven


Breathing Into Grounding

Continue this exercise for throughout month. Next Month (Lesson Eight) we explore ways to expand on this technique and establish a regular set of exercises and meditations to keep you on track and engage you more fully in an established spiritual practice.

Take some time to either record or thoroughly review the steps outlined in the grounding meditation. You will be using this to practice  breath and sensing the energy that builds in and around you. This is a part of the process used as we discussed, when casting a circle.

* This grounding can be done at any time to bring you back to a place of balance and calm. Its nature is one of connecting you with the natural flow of positive, restorative energy.     A Simple Grounding Meditation


Seeking and Empowering a Magickal Name

This time of contemplation may be used as a place of seeking a name or further exploring the deeper meaning of a name you may already have.

Select a space where you will not be disturbed and is quiet. Sit in a comfortable position and establish an easy rhythm of breath. Form the intent in your mind of:

Seeking a magickal name, or
Seeking deeper knowledge of the the name you currently have

Breathe fully into this intent and make statement that:
I am (mundane name) and I seek a name of power through which my magick may flow and will align with my work and magickal persona. I, (mundane name) call this name of power to be revealed!, or

I am (mundane name) also called (magickal name) within the magickal realms. I seek greater understanding of this magickal name and deeper clarity as to how I may use its power more fully. I, (magickal name), call this to be so!

Sit and be open and receptive to what information is presented. This may come in the form of images, sounds, smells or via any of the sensorial routes. There may be more than one energy that presents. Simply allow it to pass through and send the intention that one is most needed and relevant will remain in sight.

Note for this next step. If you are seeking a magickal name, it may not be gifted at first try. Do not be discouraged, for the first and truest of your magickal names is that which was given at birth. So, you may apply this empowerment to that name until another is presented. Also be mindful, that the act of setting this meditation of calling in motion will begin to generate the magnetism to draw a name to you. Be aware of images, places, or things that you see, hear or otherwise experience in the days following. If you persistently see a rose (on billboards, in advertisement, etc..) and the image keeps reappearing in unusual settings or without your seeking it; this could be the message that “Rose” is to be your name of power. Do the meditation again, this time with the intent of verifying that this is indeed a message of naming for you.

When you have received what you feel is needed at this time, make declaration of:
May this name of power be ignited by the flame of Divine Will.

May this name of power be a gate to the waters of Inner Knowing.

May this name of power be the foundation upon which I move as a Witch and the Weaver of True Magick.May this name of power be carried on the winds of calling and into the halls of the Great Ones, the Celestial Ones and those beings of the Greater Earth as sign and symbol of Higher Mind.

See this name written in blue flame on your inner screen and shining brightly as beacon of recognition on all of the planes. When all is complete, make final declaration to seal the working:

So Mote It Be!


Journaling: Your Book of Shadows

In this lesson you have learned the use and purpose of establishing a Book of Shadows (BOS). As you begin to organize the sections and decide what you wish to include in your BOS; spend some time going through the journal you began at the start of these lessons. What material would be suitable to transfer into your BOS and as you review what you have written thus far, what could be added to these experiences, now that you are seeing them anew. From here forward you have the choice of either recording in your Book of Shadows or continuing the use of the magickal journal you have started. As you begin to make more entries, the appropriate place for their recording will flow easily.

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