Liber Vel Hecate


Although the Liber Vel Hecate is not a traditional form of invocation used in Wiccan practice there is much that can be derived of the nature of the Lunar Goddesses in its study. 

Hail Luna, as you rise, IxChel,
Kia, Lady pale,
Queen of dreams, Cast your spell,
Of triple veil
Ar-iadne, Ar-ianhrod, Ar-achne Moerae,
Hail Hecate
Of faces three,
Shining from afar,
Spider of Destiny
In your web of Silver Stars


Hail Diana, Huntress,
As you draw your silver bow,
Hail Artemis and Io,
Oh Horned waxing luminous present glow
Nu and numinous maiden crescent shewn

Hail Clotho, Spinner of life’s thread
Drawn forth from Nix Night
Turning Fate’s first strands
With nimble hands
Twining twixt the dark and bright


Hail Moon Mother,
Full and fecund, round and bright,
Isis, We draw you down from the night,
With your cauldron-womb of luminous white

Hail Lachesis, Weaver, Craft your web
Weave the lines between the times
Of wax and wane; And tides
Of flow and ebb
Gossamer silver cords
Of dreaming draw together
In your matrix matted of matter and ether
DreamMother, give Birth
As your light shines down to Earth


Hail, Grandmother Spider,
Crone and crow,
Wisewoman, elder, seer,
Help us face, and destroy our fear

Hail Hecate of the Crossroads,
Oh old and ominous presence glowing
Your waning numinous crescent going

Hail Atropos, Cutter,
With your waning silver scythe,
You cut the thread of Life.


There is a fourth face, though unseen
There is a fourth path, whom few know
A fourth Fate, who awaits
In shadow

Hail Kali, Blackness, 
From whom the kalas of Time emit
Three Norns converged,
Past, present, future merged,
On the path of Blood beyond the Wheel we surge and scry

To Caer Arianhrod, Castle in the Sky

Hail Nought, Not, Nuit, Maat,
Yours the dark and secret art

While crone’s scythe cuts breath and with death
The thread of life appears to dwindle
From No-thing you craft another mask
And re-splice it back, on another track
To Clotho’s spindle


The Phases of the Moon

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