Overview of the Lesson: 7 – The Magickal Self


” Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious, essential, and magical dimension of our being. In fact, it is not a separate reality, as traditional Western thought views it, but the cohesive force that unites our body, heart, and mind. It is not a ghost trapped somehow in the physical machinery of our body but the very essence of our being.”

… Gabrielle Roth …

Who and what is the Magickal Self?

What and who is the mysterious “Magickal Self” that is spoken of as you move along a Wiccan path? There are as many answers to that as there are every individual practitioner of the magickal arts. You see the magickal self is formed and created through the individual’s experience, innate talents and practice, practice, practice. So come on a journey back to your Divine Self.

Foundations of Practice:

Our focus in Foundations of Practice this month will center on those exercises which will begin to strengthen and establish the integration of all parts of self.

Reading and Resources:

Check out the Suggested Reading this month for additions that will give you more information about choosing a magickal name, making your robe and spiritual practice that will support the basics of developing your magickal self.

The Awakening:

This journey is one of learning more about your spiritual nature and the power of the Witch that is awakened. The beginnings of awakening this persona take form in all acts of devotion and magickal working and seamlessly interweave their magick into your mundane expression. This is the mystery of not only calling oneself a Witch, but living that truth, embodying that energy and claiming that power.

The robe slips easily over my shoulders
And drapes my body in magick.

The amulet rests at the space of voice
Just below my upturned head.

I balance all parts of my self
And allow the mysteries
Of true magick to flow.

I speak the name of power
And step through the Gates
of my own Destiny.

Blessings Bright…

The Right Mind-Set

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