The Foundations are Elemental

East = Air = Mind
South = Fire = Will, Desire and Action
West = Water = Emotions, Intuition and Flow
North = Earth = Our physical bodies, Foundations and Fertility

One way to approach what the components of a personal practice should include is to be sure to include something that aligns with each of the four basic elements. We work so closely with the elements in Wiccan practice that this is yet another way to integrate those energies into our magickal and mundane worlds.

EAST – Mind


Those practices that utilize your intelligence, that inspire and make use of air.

Reading and Breath Work

SOUTH – Stoking the Fires


Those practices that utilize your inner desire and will, that catalyze and make use of fire.

Energy Practice and Chanting/Toning

WEST – Emotional/Intuitive


Those practices that utilize your feeling nature, that open the intuitive nature and make use of water.

Journaling and Divination

NORTH – Physical


Those practices that utilize your physical energy, that make you move and make use of manifest reality.

Movement, Drumming and Hand Crafts

The list is endless and the combinations of work are only limited by your own creativity. Review the lessons about the elements and their energies. Remain open to the possibilities and allow your inner guidance to direct you towards a practice that will be reflective and in resonance with your magickal self.

Review Lesson Two: The Natural World

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