Solar Cycles


The Sun’s movements can be seen in all of its glory as we move through the day. We begin our day with the rising of the Sun at dawn; stand in the full light overhead in the peak of the Sun’s power at Noon, and settle in to the winding down of the day’s activities during the lessening of this profound Light of the Sun as we move towards Dusk and the darkness of night.

The energies of the Sun are also further accentuated by the occurrence of the Solstices and the Equinoxes.  The Dark or Waning half of the Witch’s year occurs from the time of the Summer Solstice (longest day) until the Winter Solstice (longest night). And, the Light or Waxing time of the year flows from the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice.  The Equinoxes mark the times of between where both day and night are of equal length.

So, we feel the power of the Sun’s energy upon us both daily and throughout the year. If we also take into account the magickal, spiritual and metaphysical attributes that we associate with solar energy, we see that this flaming star that stands at the center of our Solar System is all pervasive in our daily experience.

The Solar Energetic:

The Sun is connected to the chakra (energetic center) which is located centrally within our subtle bodies – the solar plexus. It is from this point that we generate and release energy. It is from this central location that we most often feel the beginning stirrings of the rise of the inner flame of energy. This is the place of energetic awakening and return. You could envision the space of the solar plexus much like the vision of our physical Sun and as being the sustainer (of aroused energy), the life and light bearer (energy produces light and a new state of being). This is our inner forge that warms (energy produces heat) and promotes growth (energy moves us from one state of being to an expanded and enhanced state of awareness).

Read more about the Chakras at: The Sacred Vessel

The Subtleties of Physical Connection:

Awareness of and connecting with those daily cycles of the physical Sun provides us with opportunity to finely tune our own enlivened or solar state of being. We rise in the morning- renewed from an evening’s rest. We welcome the experience of Dawn and the promise of new beginnings into our being; readied for work or action within the day’s activities.


The heat of the noon day – the time of the sun at its peak finds us fully energized, having completed half of our day’s tasks and fueled and ready to complete what lay ahead. Lunch and the food that has grown from the efforts of sunlight nourishes our bodies and a brief hiatus outside allows for taking that sun’s energy into cells and mind.


And, as the last rays of Sun’s orb fill the sky, we are now ready to rest, relax and review the accomplishments of the day. Night slowly descends as the Sun sets (its rays the gift of dawn on the other side of the world). We are content with bodies recharged and ready to embrace the healing temple of sleep.


Tapping into the Sun’s energies in this way opens the magnetism that allows for freely flowing energy between you and the sustainer of our planet. Moving in accord with the cycles of the sun allow those cycles that are solar in nature to move freely within our being. We move through our day as radiant, reflective beings that are enlivened energized and fully attuned to the mysteries of the cosmos.

Solar and Lunar Deities


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