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Inspired Innocence… Run With It…

Originally posted on Inspirations of Life:
What if? …..You could tap into the innocence of your inner child What if? …..You used this time of being at home to dream What if? …..You allowed for this space of imagining to…

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An Inspired Weekend……

A pathworking to enter into this weekend with The Intention of Healing. This pathworking is 20min. in length and may be used as frequently as needed as you strengthen your resolve and allow healing and renewal to bolster your immune … Continue reading

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Witchcraft Triple Murder Trial and Speaking Our Truths

Originally posted on The Magickal Pen:
Well spoken and timely representation of our Craft… ? ?

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19 Days of Illuminated Darkness: Day Eight

A Journey into the Dark My offering today is an audio of a pathworking that I have used at various points in the solar year. It is a journey of courage taking you into the darkness of seeking the light. … Continue reading

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Mercury Transit 2019

Image: KHQAnews November 11.2019 Today (retrograde) Mercury will transit the Sun in a rare and auspicious event. We are also in the aura of a Full Moon in Taurus (Nov. 12 @ 8:34a.m. EST), giving this already powerful alignment even … Continue reading

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30-Days Thank You!

Thank you to those who followed my posts. I welcome comments and feedback. What did you enjoy? What fell short? What would you have liked to see covered? Many blessings on your chosen path…. Robin

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A Temporary Rest for Recovery!

Dear Followers.. Please be patient for new posts. Two-weeks out from a total hip replacement but on the mend and soon back to posting and sharing. In the meantime, there is plenty to read in the archives. Enjoy! Blessings …Robin

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