The Tools of Spell Casting

John William

Image: John William Waters 

Some Not So Obvious Tools

Practical Experience:

The mechanics of spell work force us to expand our knowledge base of Self, as well a show that Self operates in the larger cosmos. What begins as a desire to manifest a specific outcome, quickly becomes the tool upon which we base our greater work. The paradox is that to do a healing spell we must become the healer. To affect a love we must first be the love that we desire. To change the world, we must be that change.
The most important tool is you and your energy. Having a balanced sense of your parts of self allows you to engage those that will be of best assistance in achieving what your goal is. Take some time to review:

Review Me, Myself and I: The Parts of SELF from Lesson Seven. It is the integration and cooperation of these selves that makes for effective spell working. You are, after-all, calling out to the Universe and its energies to recognize and reward you for your efforts.

No, these next two are not typos or redundancies. These are the recurring themes that form the foundations of ALL your work.


Meditation is a primary and essential part of magickal work. Training oneself to sit quietly, observe their thoughts or listen for inner guidance is a discipline that will spill over into your mundane as well as spiritual life. It teaches you to relax and quiet your physical being and your mind. Setting aside time on a daily basis to engage in this discipline also teaches you how to focus and either expand or narrow your perception. These are the skills needed as we work magick and in ritual to keep us anchored in the work we are engaging in. The process of meditation is the creation a firm base of self-awareness, heightened experience and union with the Higher Self and the Divine.

The act of meditation has been used for centuries as a tool for health restoration, spiritual endeavor behavior modification and self-awareness. A regular practice of daily meditation has been clinically proven to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure, enhance the ability to maintain productive attention and contribute to the general well being of an individual. Despite all these obvious benefits, many people find it difficult to establish a regular and consistent meditation practice.

The focus of your meditation does not always need to be the same. This can change as you move through your work. You will want to use this quiet time for connecting with or gaining information from a Deity you may be working with; use it to enhance your visualization skills; de-stress after a stressful day; or as part of ritual or personal work to enhance the overall concentration and intensity. Be sure to record in your journal your intent, focus and results. These can proved quite useful in the months that follow. And, in accord with the act of meditation, it is generally the easiest time to write down thoughts with clarity as you have stilled the mind to outside distraction and opened to a source within.


Energy follows awareness. Breath builds and directs energy. Learning to more effectively control, direct and manage your breath can make for very effective direction of energy and focus in your spell work.

Some of the More Common Staples of Spell Work


Candle Magick makes use of the properties and energies of a candle, color, etc. to direct the focus of energy towards a desired outcome. It is for this reason that candles are used in High Magick/Ritual workings. They become the physical representation of God or Goddess, the transformative power that lights all others or the symbol of the inner fires of Will.

In spell work a candle not only provides a point of focus, but also acts as a container for the energies gathered and worked upon. Allowing the candle to burn down completely releases the spell into the flow of universal law. Lighting the candle for several nights can build the effect and acts something like a slow simmer. Holding the heat and intensity, but carefully and slowly releasing the essence allowing all the flavors and nuances to mature.


Using a specifically colored candle enhances the effectiveness of the spell. These are some of the common color correspondences used in selection.

White – Light and reflect all colors back.
Red- Will, action
Pink for love of the heart.
Orange – for attraction. Communication, energy.
Yellow – well being, concentration, intuition, health, strength.
Green – represents health and healing, money, changes and renewal, fertility.
Blue – spiritual, healing, memory, calming and centering.
Indigo – Brow, third eye, psychic center. Helps to see aura. Psychic awareness.
Purple – Crown center, royal color, Deity, spiritual.
Brown – Stability, the earth, growth, potential.
Grey – represents intuition.
Black – contains and holds all colors, shields and filters


For a listing of some commonly used herbs and their magickal properties check out:
Herbs for Magick

These herbs can also be formulated into oils and plant essences. Oil is used more effectively for rubbing into a candle to be used than the dry herbs. Dried herbs can be added to any liquid that is incorporated in to the spell or works nicely for sachets, or spell pouches. Flowers, roots, petals and leaves are sometimes difficult to find depending on the geographical area in which you live. Using flower essences may be a more viable option in allowing you to obtain an ingredient that may be otherwise difficult to come by. Think first about what the medium is that you will use and then decide on what would be the most compatible form of the botanical.

Allspice – Money, prosperity
Lemon Balm – Love, success, healing
Cinnamon – Psychic work and love spell
Clove – Protection, fidelity, success
Feverfew – Protection
Frankincense – Protection, spirituality, purification
Lavender – Love, purification, calming
Mint- Money, healing
Mugwort – Psychism, prophetic dreams, strength
Sage – Longevity, wisdom, protection
Vervain – Protection, purification, money, youth and restorative properties
Yarrow – Courage, love

Astrological or Moon Phase

There are several sites on the internet that will give you accurate information about both the phase and astrological sign of the Moon or Sun. If you are planning to incorporate specific planetary energy in a specific astrological sign you will need an ephemeris. This form of listing will allow you to plan more in advance and can be quite useful in your regular workings and rituals as well.

Astrodienst: Swiss Ephemeris

Temple of The Cosmic Spheres – an online resource for astrological phases and solar events. I will be starting an online astrology course in April. Stay tuned!

The End Game

This list is only the briefest of ingredients that can be used for spell work. As you begin your writing process, remember to be creative. Try to make cross connections between the items that represent the symbols of your spell and what you choose. Twine or embroidery floss work well for spells that are used to bind something. Coins or game money can be used to represent the suds you are wishing for in a prosperity spell. A page from a planner with dates planned for rest and renewal can be used for spells involving a more relaxed state of being or more restful home life.

Happy Spell Casting!


Check back later this week!

Foundations of Practice
Journaling: Writing a Spell and Bonus Foundation: Intuiting a Tarot Spread

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