Time to Grow (A Practice of Your Own)!


Here is a suggested schedule and time-line to consider when beginning a regular practice. Something good to do initially is to take some time to sit down and write out 3 goals you have for yourself and your spiritual development for a year and a day you start the first day of your routine. As you will see, when you return full circle back to the date -one year later- that you began, you will look back on those goals of intent- modify, celebrate and adjust as needed as you begin the next year.


• Meditation
• Breath Work
• Journaling


• Pathworking
• Energy Practice
• Review your Journal and the week’s work


• Ritual Work – Esbat or Sabbat, if it falls within a given month
• Breath Work
• Review of the month’s work and experiences*
* you can certainly do this more often, but sometimes starting with a monthly look back provides information that can help to identify any specific patterns that are evolving as part of the work you are doing.


• Review your journal
• Look back on what practices worked and what didn’t.
• Celebrate your year’s work by doing something special. This could be a trip to your favorite place in nature, attending a workshop, purchasing a magickal gift for YOURSELF.

And, The Next Day….

• Write out the goals you have for the upcoming year’s progress. Then, keep an eye out for those oh so synchronistic opportunities!

Available January 2015
Lesson Nine
Lunar and Solar Magick

Light and Dark

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