Bonus: A Chart of the Modalities

Keywords and Energies of the Signs of the Zodiac 


 The Cardinal  Signs

Aries – Cancer – Libra – Capricorn



The energy of Aries is that of Fire or action.
The First sign  of the Zodiac, Aries brings an inquisitive nature and youthful energy to the workings. Fire is the place of action and Will and within the energies of Aries, it is the first sparks of flame that are not quite at their fullest, but hold the potential, if directed and guided well to fuel the larger blaze.  Workings that are first steps towards a project and those requiring an energetic and fresh approach are best suited to this sign’s energies.The Power of Exploration, Enthusiasm and Fresh Approach



The energy of Cancer is that of Water  or emotion.
The sign of Cancer is a water sign that is ruled by the planetary energy of the Moon. All things of ebb and flow and those things that are responsive to this type of activity fall under this sign of the zodiac. Because it’s natural ruler is the Moon, when the moon’s phase is in the sign of  Cancer, emotion will run high, the floodgates of intuition will be accessible and opportunities to connect at a deeper level to whatever working is done will be provided.  Workings relating to home life and those we hold close are also well suited to this time.The Power of Intuition, Resourcefulness and Imagination



The energy of Libra  is that of Air  or intellect.
Libra is an Air sign. The mind and intellect hold full sway here. And, being a cardinal sign, new ideas and ways of mentally approaching a matter are in keeping. Libra is the place of balance and weighing the pros and cons of a situation. This is all taken from the perspective of intellectualizing and finding a logical solution that is cooperative and harmonious as well as “appealing”. Beauty is a key component here. Not just in the mundane sense but also the quality of beauty that occurs when everything is working as it should in a way that makes sense.  Workings to establish or reestablish the seeds of harmonious outcome, through the process of logic and reason are well done under the Libran influence.The Power of Balance, Harmony and Teamwork



The energy of Capricorn is that of Earth or strength and foundation.
Capricorn is the sign of the sea-goat; equally at home in the depths as well as able to deftly and precisely scale the steepest cliff.  There is a sense of achievement and often the foundation of earth (physical and in the sense of grounding and the manifest) will be the anchor and pivotal point around which all striving and ambition will be pursued. Limitations are acknowledged, which makes for smooth and safe transition upwards and boundaries that are created as a result of those limitations offer the stable base to reach beyond what inertia would hold you from. Workings in this sign can be prone to excess and creating unnecessary challenge. Be sure to assess first what is the desired outcome as the results will be enduring and lasting. Organize  and plan well before undertaking. The Power of Discipline, Integrity and Goals

The Fixed  Signs

Taurus – Leo – Scorpio – Aquarius



The energy of Taurus is that of Earth or strength and foundation.
Taurus brings to any working strength, determination and an often immovable quality which can be used effectively if this fixed nature is not of a stagnant pose.  This pause allows for assessment of what lays ahead, just as the bull assesses his next move when provoked or thought to be in danger.  Business affairs and decision making are naturally enhanced by this sign and the predisposition towards grounded and well rooted directions lend support.  Goal-making is a suitable working under the Taurus influence.The Power of Determination, Assessment and Goals



The energy of Leo is that of Fire or action.
The sign of Leo is a fire  sign that is ruled by the planetary energy of the Sun. This is the solar power of kingship, authority and strength that magnetically draws to itself a fire of the will.  Workings that align with a Leo Moon bring the qualities of solar and lunar together in an atomic like fusion. Those areas which need strengthening and are ready to be brought to a place of intense action and will are fired up under this sign. Because of the fixed nature of Leo any working begun at the New Moon will have a solid stability that may not move forward as expected if caught in the rigid stance of immovable action. In this way the energy can be directed towards those things which need the confidence and bolster of leadership.The Power of Generosity, Spontaneity, and Leadership



The energy of Scorpio is that of Water  or emotion.
Although Scorpio is a water sign; there is an underlying nature of fire held within the scorpion influence. This is the sign of ultimate and permanent transformation.  Workings that require a release and retuning of energy are enhanced by the energy of Scorpio.  But, beware. Scorpio is also the master of pulling up to the surface those things that lay buried deep within, even if you are not ready for them to be exposed.  The resulting benefit can be that of the Phoenix transformed and renewed if you allow Scorpio to do its work.The Power of Release, Renewal and Transformation



 The energy of Aquarius  is that of Air  or intellect.
Aquarius is a sign of vision and the ability to see far and wide. Innovation and invention are keywords here and endeavors that are humanitarian in nature and to the benefit of all are well worked under this sign.  There is a dynamism about Aquarius that also lens itself to being very charming, charismatic and able to draw the right resources into play. Workings that relate to future experience and an opening of innovative methods fueled by a lightening quick mind are enhanced under an Aquarian moon.The Power of Humanitarian Vision, Innovation and Focus

The Mutable  Signs

Gemini – Virgo  – Sagittarius – Pisces




The energy of Gemini is that of Air or intellect.
Gemini brings to any working the ability to move quickly and adeptly through the situation. This can also be its downfall, as often the details are overlooked. Communication in all forms is particularly heightened; but again with Gemini’s nature of duality, intentions should be clearly stated to ovoid miscommunication. Mental process is the driving component with the Gemini energy so be sure to include some very concrete and grounded action and foundations when planning workings with this moon’s energy.The Power of Duality, Communication and Adaptability



The energy of Virgo is that of Earth or strength and foundation.
The sign of Virgo is an earth lending strength and concrete energy that will serve to solidify whatever its energy is acting upon. There is a sense of attention to detail and careful analysis of whatever is undertaken.  Virgo breaks it down to a place of greater understanding and then reforms and re-masters it towards a useable form.  Because it is also a mutable sign, the information gathering nature of Virgo is adaptable in its approach, but can at times back itself into a corner  that is overly detailed in nature and slow to act upon.The Power of Adaptability, Analysis and Re-formation



The energy of Sagittarius is that of Fire or action.
Sagittarius not only walks the path but blazes the trail and lights the way as it moves through new experiences. It is the fire that sends its sparks out in many directions with the aspirations that one or two will energize take root and become the bonfires that quicken and transform. Workings that are  done under the influence of its energy have the added benefit of Jupiter’s expansive nature. What is set into motion will travel, far, fast and wide. If enough sparks are set out something will surely catch the fire of enthusiasm. Workings to set in motion job searches or varied options of course are well suited to the Sagittarian energy. There will also be most likely many returns, so anticipate the need to sort through and narrow down to the ones that are best suited towards stoking the fires of action.The Power of Exploration, Initialization and Disbursement.



 The energy of Pisces is that of Water  or emotion.
Pisces is the sign of compassion and feeling expressed through self-sacrifice and deep emotional connection to all things. The watery and emotional nature of this sign can make it hard to bring logic and reason into the equation, but workings down under the influence of this energy will have a naturally intuitive flow and quality of movement.  At times the messages received may be murky and laden with unnecessary consideration for the outcome, but the feeling nature is one of leading with the heart felt desires and gifts vs. analysis and mind. Being the last of the signs of the Zodiac before return to the initializing energies of Aries, the energy of Pisces is one that has, out of the need for survival adopted fluidity as its main course. With this in mind, workings done within this energy can be hard to solidify; but if you draw on the underlying emotional components, the heart will lead and these underlying feelings will be surfaced to be examined and used in a productive way.The Power of Compassion, Intuition and Sacrifice

The Inner Chamber Series: Astrology
It’s Written in the Stars
R. Fennelly

Foundations: I’ve not forgotten about these this month. The material is so dense and rich in these last posts that your foundations are built in. Next week, though back to meditations and more. 

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