How to Get Involved


“When a human reaches up to his/her Higher Mind and accesses the vibrational gifts from that realm (of his or her own higher consciousness), she or he will be filled with inspiration and courage. And this type of inspiration and courage could change the world through actions that are then taken by that individual.”
… anonymous …

The quote above is the same that was used for our lesson on Devotion within the wiccan path. Getting involved at a deeper level with the community that shares your beliefs and then moving this to a place of service and extension of your gifts into the greater world are one in the same with developing your devotional state. Those steps taken towards cultivating that state of being are the guiding forces that lead you to your exact place within a larger community. Take some time to go back and review this topic, then formulate your own points of connection in moving it into the outer workings.

Lesson 8: The Path of Devotion

We are both in a wonderful time and also a very confusing time within the magickal and pagan community. There is a plethora of information available, that even twenty years ago would have been difficult to find. Covens, lodges and other groups freely advertise on the internet and finding a place of study, community and practice has, in some ways never been easier. As with anything of this nature, the abundance of choice and diversity can be overwhelming and confusing. To one who is a novice, finding places and people of quality can sometimes be discouraging and disenchanting if they fall into a group that is not truly practicing the old ways, but rather looking to make a profit or have ready pickings for unscrupulous magickal, moral and ethical practice. None of these things, however, should be a deterrent for keeping you from seeking out and successfully becoming part of something larger than your own personal practice. In the final lessons next month, we sill discuss in more depth the choice of solitary practice vs. coven/group membership. Regardless of what that preference may be, there will come a time when you will want to share your ideas, participate in a larger group’s activities and put yourself out there in the community of seekers like yourself.

How to Get Involved

The first steps involve doing your research. Keeping abreast of the news and those making it within the community is a great staring place. Throughout these lessons I have given you multiple points of contact that are reputable, highly respected and ethically sound teachers and groups. Additionally, there are several pagan festivals and pride days that are held throughout the country. Often, just having a taste of what is available can take you in new directions and also solidify your own personal practice and work. Having a broad base of experience and interaction with others on similar or different paths offers opportunity for greater discernment and refining of what your core beliefs are. Hearing or participating in another’s celebration of an Esbat or Sabbat, provides fertile ground for modification, revision and addition of some new ideas for your own. These are experiences that are not available in a book. Although many a book will be written on these subjects, nothing can substitute for seeing first hand how and what magick others make.

The Tradition to which I belong, The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, is one that I can speak firsthand about the joys and opportunities inherent in being part of a larger organization. We have within our Tradition, multiple covens, multiple layers of both personal and Tradition/Coven workings and access to a wealth of practices and knowledge base. One does not have to look far to find another who may have similar interest or experience in a magickal topic that has piqued interest. We host workshops, have service projects and attend larger festivals as a group to share and learn from those attendees. This is the greater gift of community.

The Path of Service


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