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East – Intellect – Breath

I Am All

I am the essence of pure thought
I am the light that illuminates
The darkest caverns of the mind
I am what has passed and what will
Be in the depths of the elements.

I am both light and darkness
Wisdom and human ignorance
I am all that is
I am all that is.

I am that which
Probes for inspiration
And guides you to falter
And begin again
I am all and I am nothing.

I am All and I am nothing
Fragile Human and Eternal Divine
Beyond the grasp of human mind
Beyond the grasp of human knowing.

I ward and bless the thought
Both evil and good for
From both spring the
Seeds of a new Truth.

I am lightening
I am thunderbolt
I am the realms that
No mortal mind can dream upon.

I flow and ebb
And retreat, only
To return with push
Of full force.

All this I AM to
Allow YOU to
See the Divinity

Air is associated with the cardinal direction of the East, the place of the rising sun or dawn. Air is also associated with mind and intellect, the place that gives rise to the birth of ideas. When we connect with the element of air we are moving through the realms of the mind and just as the breeze carries seeds from location to location that eventually become tree or plant, the seeds of bright ideas and inspiration are carried within the air-like movement of the mind.

In magickal practice air relates to the mysteries of the Great Work and occult studies at the level of mind. Knowledge is prized within the Mysteries, but true wisdom takes that knowledge and moves it (or carries it as the winds) to a place of experience and product. If we stay too long simply in the place of pure reason, logic and intellect we often miss the opportunities to bring those thoughts and ideas into a place of manifest, concrete form. If we take too much knowledge in all at once, and do not allow for the process of assimilation, experience and integration of what has been learned, the mind will only bring to the surface bits and pieces of that information; often in an abbreviated form and lacking in the deep wisdom of true experience.

When we think of Air as a physical element, we automatically hold it to be encompassed within the sky. The vastness of the sky speaks of the limitless potential of the sky within the mind. The sky also is a metaphor for the continuum of thought and acts as the vehicle for analytical thinking. Without mind and thought there also is no life behind the human organism. When the brain ceases to function, the other organs eventually begin to fail; not being directed and guided by the thinking mind. Without breath, the human organism will die; as it is the oxygen contained within the air that keeps us breathing, that helps to fuel the brain and thus ensures quality of life.

Breath work is an important focus of most spiritual and magickal practice. It is through the air of breath that we can modify our state of being, both physiologically and etherically. By learning to control the breath, we learn to master certain functions of our manifest being to allow the space for our subtle bodies to come into prominence and work to achieve the spiritual or magickal goal set upon. And, it is through breath passing over our vocal cords that we give voice and sound to the words of power we speak.

Air is all around us, sustaining and empowering our bodies. Breathe in, feel its strength in your lungs and exhale its mysteries.

Some Correspondences: Air

Direction East – Dawn
Elementals Sylphs – Fae – Lilitu – Paralda
Colors Yellow    Sky Blue     White
Planet Mercury ( communication )
Chakra Throat –  seat of speech – gives voice to ideas generated in thinking process
Season Spring – new life/ new growth
Sabbat Spring Equinox · Ostara
Moon Phase New moon
Instruments Wind chimes/ Bells
Astrology Aquarius – Gemini – Libra
Craft Tools Swords  – Incense
Tarot Suit of Swords
Life Cycle Birth – awakening of senses to physical plane – catalyst for the process
Ritual Inspiration – Study – Creative expression – Communication

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