Foundations of Practice -12


Journaling: Recording Your Work

 As you move through this month’s lessons think about how you would like to offer up some of your time towards a charity, volunteer service or simply keeping the area around your home/apartment litter free. As you finish each activity, record your feelings. Record who you may have met that you would not have had you not moved outside of your immediate routine.

0083EDB5-400-400Meditation: A Heart of Light

This week’s foundational practice is a meditation to awaken the heart center and fill it with the necessary self-love and compassion that will spill into all of your interactions. As you find your place with the Pagan Community, there will be many people that you meet on this journey. Approaching all with the intention of recognizing the love within them as well as the care you have to offer, sets that meeting in a space of wanting to know more about who and what their stories are.

A Heart of Light


Practical Experience: Awareness

The lesson this month is one of community and service. In practicing those lessons there is the requirement of being fully present, thus becoming more observant of opportunities that present themselves daily.

There will always be in your face and obvious ways to help- the walk for Cancer, the soup kitchen at the neighborhood church, the fundraising event, etc.. These are wonderful ways to connect to others, but those more transparent gifts that we overlook are just as important, even more so in some ways than the larger. These small daily actions are the ones that become the building blocks that eventually become the routine that are seamlessly integrated into who we are and will become.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

As you take a walk, bring along a bag to pick trash as you go along the way. If you are work, look for an opportunity for a random act of kindness. Load the copy machine, even if you have not emptied it. Refill the water bottle in the cooler or tidy up the lunchroom. Sometimes something as simple as a smile for a stranger as you walk down a busy city street can brighten someone’s day and costs you nothing. A kind word can go a long way in uplifting someone’s mood. Consider these random acts of “magick”.


Approaching each day in this manner- one of awareness and seeking out where you can make a difference- changes both your energy and subsequently the energy around you.  Everything and everyone is the recipient of this change in energy towards a positive and productive stream of compassion and service. Now, that’s a definition of magick and the workings of a witch that are powerful, yet profound in their subtlety!

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