The Phases of the Moon

When planning an Esbat there are several types of information that are taken into consideration to optimize the working that is planned. The first would be to match the energy of the moon phase with the working. If not in a hurry,, the next would be to look at the astrological energies of that specific phase. you will want to decide which Deity you wish to invoke; if not using the traditional Charge of the Goddess. Once you have settled on a date, phase, astrological correspondence etc.- the work begins.

If you have no specific working in mind, celebrating the New, Full or Dark Moons and allowing their general energies to flow through you is a must when walking a Wiccan Path. Attuning to the cycles of the Moon, honors the Goddess in all her forms and the lunar tides that flow within us.

Moon Phase Basics

The Waxing Moon is the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon
The Waning Moon is the time between the Full Moon and the last day of the last quarter- just prior to the New Moon.

Although Magickal working can be done at any time, there are specific times during the lunar cycle when your workings can be enhanced. One of the first considerations is what type of energy you want to use for your intent.

The waxing of the moon, from New to Full, provides a crescendo or building effect and the waning of the moon from peak of Full to the subsequent New Moon allows for release and diminishing of energetic effect.

The Maiden

The New Moon is a time of beginnings and first seeds towards growth. New projects, goals and behaviors are all supported when given focus during this time.

The New Moon is the beginning of the cycle of increased flow and dynamics. It embodies the Goddess as the Maiden. Full, fertile and ripe with creative outpour and though lacking the experience of the Crone, has more than enough enthusiasm to seek out the many paths that could be taken. It is to some degree the allowance of nature taking its course, directed towards a goal of productive manifestation. It is the yearning and desire that is inherent in the Maiden that will attract to Her that which she desires most. And, it is this energy, which if with intention and correct thought is set into motion during this phase will blossom with the waxing of the Moon.

Magickal workings would include:
∗ Beginnings of any new endeavor
∗ Fresh starts at old projects/pursuits
∗ Dedications to a new pursuit
∗ The first steps towards a specific goal

The Mother

The Full Moon is the peak and product of all efforts begun at the New Moon. Additionally, any working that needs extra oomph, magnification or energetic boost, will benefit from Full Moon energy.

The Full Moon embodies the energies of the Goddess as the Mother. She is the giver of life and the nurturer and guardian that ensures that that life will be productive, fruitful and at the apex of whatever endeavor is undertaken. The expansive light of the Full Moon shines upon all under its sway and the dynamics of ebb and flow are at their most potent.

It Must Be A Full Moon

We’ve all heard the varied stories of increased aggressive behavior during the time of the full moon. IS it really the moon’s influence or is the expected and pre-determined energy surrounding the potency of the moon’s greater influence that fulfills that expectancy. A scientific take on the phenomenon of the Full Moon and the connection with increased births, violence and general “lunacy” can be found here:

Moon Myths: The Truth About Lunar Effects on You

A Personal Note: Being one who knows and believes in the potency and subtle levels of effect that the natural world has on humanity, my theory is one of both science and myth. I do believe that some individuals are more sensitive to the ebb and flow of energy that surrounds them. So, at the time of the full moon when the pull of magnetism from that celestial source is at its peak, it does not seem so far a stretch to believe that those energies can cause disruption in the regular state of being for those individuals. How that presents itself, whether it be in the form of mood swings, elation, feeling more energized or depleted, depends on the individual and the basis or foundational state from which they started. I also believe that for others it is simply a matter of self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Moon Light Sonata


A beautiful full moon stirs our instinctual animal behavior. The feelings of running wild beneath the primal light of the moon surfaces in everyone’s fantasies or yearnings at least once in a lifetime. Some take up the call and find a primal nature within that lay long buried or was hidden by the conventionality of society’s expectation. It also stirs the passions within. Staring back at your lover with star-filled eyes and other-worldly light reflected on smooth skin ignite the desire to move and merge as one flowing being. Flowing in rhythm with each other just as the tides respond to mother moon’s pull.

With all this diverse energy and mystery surrounding the Moon is it any wonder that its greater mysteries are used to enhance sacred work. Dancing around a fire on a moon lit night, moving to the beat of drums is the nearest one can come to being totally absorbed into the Natural world.

Mother Moon shines down to light the way that all may fall under her seductive spell. And, as energies rise in response to her call time stops, the veils are parted and transformation begins.

Magickal workings would include:
∗ Celebrating the fruition of a goal, desire or working begun at the New Moon
∗ Strengthening a relationship, situation or personal trait that you wish to use productively
∗ Strengthening and Reaffirming of Dedications to The Great Work, a magickal Path, a Deity or spiritual pursuit

The Crone

The span of time from completion of Full moon, up to and including approximately 3 days prior to the next New Moon is the optimal time for release, cutting away and inner preparation. These 3 days prior to the next New Moon are also known as the Dark Moon phase.

The Dark Moon embodies the Hidden nature, that if embraced in the fullness of the dark reveals what may lay beneath the surface waiting to be used and transformed. This is the Goddess as the Crone. She holds nothing back, invites you to look at the truth of your own reflection and then demands that you release what serves no purpose and what hinders your growth. She carries the wisdom that has grown through experience and she knows the secrets of the darkest of places and holds within the Light that illumines those who have courage to enter.

Using the energy of the Dark Moon is to call upon the reserves of knowing that are contained within what it is you seek to release. This is a time for culling, pruning and preparing for the upcoming New Moon where what is viable may be planted anew, with greater understanding of the process that ensures success.

Magickal workings would include:
∗ Uncovering what holds you back
∗ Releasing a negative habit or energy
∗ Uncovering your shadow nature
∗ Healing and removal of blockages

The Lunar Eclipse

TLE2004seq5x2004 Lunar Eclipse Sequence
The total lunar eclipse of 2004 Oct 28 was widely visible from the USA.
This sequence of images captures the eclipse from start (right) to finish (left)

For An Excellent Explanation of the Science behind an Eclipse please check out the link below:

Mr. Eclipse

“During a lunar eclipse, we experience what might be called a “micro month”. The moon is full, then partially or completely hidden, and then visible again. Within just a few minutes, an energy similar to a complete cycle of full, waning, new/black (if it is a total lunar eclipse), waxing and full again.

In addition to this cyclical energy, we are aware of the Earth’s presence. Her shadow falls across the Moon as she appears between the Moon and the Sun. This adds the unification of earth and lunar energy, reinforcing the sense of wholeness, completion and cycles of a lunar eclipse. Because both the Earth and the Moon are considered “feminine,” it is a good time to focus on the Goddess aspect if you desire.”

In practice, how could I make the most of these phases?

Suppose I want to seek new employment. On the New Moon, I may do a meditation, plan, brainstorm and journal about the type of work I may wish to acquire. I may even, physically plant a few seeds in a pot as concrete visual symbols of my intent. Each day thereafter I will tend the seeds- mentally and/or physically- enriching them with more concrete ideas and goals for obtaining my ideal work. On the Full Moon, I will give thanks for the new growth in my life towards my goal. Perhaps do a meditation, visualizing in as much detail as possible my future work surroundings, myself enjoying and looking forward to each day, etc. And, finally as the moon wanes and the days prior to the next New moon approach, I spend some time identifying and releasing any negative thoughts, words or actions that are preventing me from bringing into manifest reality my goal. This release may take any form as long as the symbolic or actual release is something you can strongly connect with, and is of harm to none. This or a similar cycle may need to be repeated several lunations, depending on your goal, the strength of your focus and intent and ability to truly release that which may be holding you back.

And, If I add the astrological energies as well…

If you elected to start this working with the New Moon of March in Aries (cardinal sign – enhances new starts and beginnings) you would be using zodiacal energies that are in support of new beginnings. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac~ beginnings in the stage of infancy and youth. This would be a good time to allow that “inner child” to imagine all those careers you had previously had aspirations for or those that with the enthusiasm of youth feel are within your grasp. Really brainstorm what feeds your enthusiasm, what fires up your passion. The caution, however is to be sure to have a reality check with the “adult “ you as to what is financially viable and what may be best left to dreams. As the days progress and we begin approach towards the Full Moon – March 29th in Libra- this is the point of taking all those employment choices and weighing them each against the other. Libra is an Air sign so really give some “thought” to what the implications are of each of the choices and what possible outcomes could result in selecting that path. Libra is also a cardinal sign (becoming and initial thrust) so the full potential for crafting a new employment picture is full of good starts. As the lunar month continues and we then move into the waning phase, I am ready to narrow down my choices feeling confident that I’ve maximized my final choices filtered through enthusiasm, passion and level-headed analysis and thought. See how maximizing all the components and energies that you are familiar with can give the added boost that makes for a successful and productive working.

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