A Well Worn Path

The new journey you are about to embark upon follows a Path which has been traveled by many before you and will be traveled by many who follow you. Perhaps, you may even serve as example and lead for someone who is new to the Craft and looking to find their way.  Each has left their individual and unique imprint and markers that have helped them along the way.  Tracking those footprints can often lead to revealing more information about the nature of the particular inroad you’ve chosen.

You will find that many times your interests will take you to the streams that follow along this Path.  These contain the wisdom that runs fluidly and in conjunction with the philosophies and practices of WICCA, as well as those that move in a course and direction of their own, but for a time share the common waters. These may include Ceremonial Magick, Shamanism, Buddhism, Druidry, Heathenism and others.  All drinking from the same waters of common knowledge at one time or another and then finding their own patterns and creating their own paths of movement.

One of these common threads is the call to service and devotion to the work at hand. Take a look back at:

Lesson 8: The Path of Devotion

Read and re-read what was written and then take these words and craft them into your own experience and current understanding.  The choosing of this particular way will be fraught at times with doubt, uncertainty and challenges. At times it may seem an uphill climb that sets you back with each step you feel you have taken forward. But, with persistence and dedication you will reach that summit and the true nature of our magickal world will stretch out before you.

The Path to the Heart of the Goddess
is trod upon by those who
take up the mantle of devotion
and strive towards the 
retelling of Her Mysteries

As you do more reading, research and engage in the larger community, those luminaries who have walked and helped to create this road will move to the foreground. People and their body of works such as Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Ivo Dominguez, Jr., T. Thorn Coyle, Starhawk, Dion Fortune, Herbie Brennan, Israel Regardie and W. Butler to name a few will light the way. Their experience and credibility of ethics and teaching are cornerstones of the Craft today.  Most importantly, the thing to remember is that they too walked this very same Path with similar beginnings, questions and the burning desire to serve the Old Ones, pave the way for the future of the New Ones and live by example the teachings of the Divine.   

Ethics of the Craft

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