Tarot Spreads to Welcome 2023!

Ring in the New Year Intuitively! Enjoy….

The Magickal Pen

2023 is just around the corner! Every year I share a tarot spread (or two) with everyone to seek information and awaken your intuitive senses to the possibilities of a brand new year.

The first offering is one that uses 12 cards, each covering an aspect of harmonious and balanced state of being. This spread was created for the 2022 year and the reduction applying numerology to the number “6” and its focus of harmony and balance. Although we are entering a number “7” year (2023=2+0+2+3=7), using this spread as a transition point of flow from 22 into 23 opens the way for the work of a year (#7) of exploring new paths and ways to learn and grow from this year’s experiences is always a good call.

Click on the link to learn more about this spread:

A Tarot Spread Seeking Harmony

The next Tarot spread aligns with each…

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Happy Yule! Blessings of the Winter Solstice!

December 21.2022

Today I am posting the videos of the Two-part story I wrote several years ago in honor of the Winter Solstice and the magick it holds. This story has traditionally been part of the 19-Days of Illuminated Darkness Solstice countdown and many of you asked if this would be posted again for this year.

So, settle in and cozy up as you let your imagination take hold. And, blessings for the strength and renewal called into being as the Sun’s light begins its journey towards full and illuminated expression….

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Holding Space for Compassion and Discernment in the Storm of Humanity’s Aggression

The Magickal Pen

I am posting these observations as a reminder and invitation to be gentle and kind with yourself and others as we navigate some challenging times. I am noticing and hearing in general, as well as out picturing in the election climate, an over stimulation for many in all aspects of their life and work. I am seeing this in my work place, dynamics between individuals breaking down and unproductive exchanges occurring. I am seeing this in conversations and dynamics within our communities. I am seeing this in my personal relationships. And, we all are seeing this on the local, national and global stages. 

Please consider this as a time to hold space for calming, clarity, compassion and an intention towards sending and receiving only that which is for the highest good of all concerned with harm to none. Please consider consciously “checking yourself” when you are feeling moments of agitation…

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Post-Samhain: In the After Glow

In the Aura of the Full Moon in Taurus and Lunar Eclipse

November 8.2022 5:59am EST

The Blood Moon and the Ancestors of Samhain

I had promised this as a post our astrological 14-Days countdown and as is often the case in all matters magickal/spiritual, the timing could not have been more supportive of the work accomplished in those 14-days.

This November moon is often called the Blood Moon, and the lunar tides that emanate from its waxing carry a reminder of the waters of our blood…..  Read More….

Note: This is posted on The Temple of Cosmic Spheres Blog… Enjoy

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Day Fourteen: 14-Days of Samhain

Welcome Samhain! Welcome Me in All of My Parts!

November 7.2022 5:36am (EST)

Sun in Scorpio

Waxing Moon in Taurus

All Hail the Blessings of Samhain! 
All Hail My Transformation!

I have claimed all that I AM
I have woven a new journey of MY Re-Making

How I choose to move forward
How I choose to be in the world
How I choose to express my humanity
How I choose to create from the exhale of inspiration
How I choose to step into the mantle of my Higher nature

All of these and more are mine to bring into collaboration
With none being more than the other and none remaining stagnant

On this day of Samhain I reach into the Swirlings 
And celebration of my Life transformed.

Today we celebrate astrological Samhain and allow ourselves the opportunity to cycle back to the beginning of this journey 14-days ago and where we have arrive today.

Back to a little Numerology

We began in the aura of the number 5 and worked its magick of creation each step of the way…..

From Day One ……The date of the first day of the 14-days:

10.25.2022 reduces to: 8 + 6 = 14 = 1+ 4= 5

and.. The 14 days = 1 + 4 = 5

Five is also the number of the Pentagram and the five (5) traditional alchemical elements, specifically those that are in resonance with the building blocks of our mundane and magickal expressions of self (ves)…….

And, now we stand in the polarized glory of the number six “6”.  A double trinity of power and grace. The creation of five’s efforts that is aligned within its nature of reciprocity. I invite you to think of the double trinity in whatever way makes sense to you… Maiden-Mother-Crone-Youth-Father-Sage/Lower – Middle – Higher-Higher – Middle – Lower selves/Dark – Grey – Light – Light – Grey – Dark, etc….

Back to the Beginning

Our first day was also an invitation to hold these intentions as you moved through each of the 14-days’ work.

I see with clarity what requires my breath of resolve

I feel with awakened senses the healing of my fears

I resolve to act upon the truths revealed and embrace the challenges of that active Will

I embody the wisdom that is being gifted to me and allow it to find its space of resonance

My spirit awakens to the gift of my Higher SELF in collaboration with my continued growth…


How has this gone for you?

Change is never a comfortable prospect. And, allowing yourself to experience all of your being, good – bad and indifferent is an additional layer of discomfort. The truth however, is that discomfort is the birthing space of what can be transformative in all of your endeavors.

There is not really much more that I can say. Now the work is yours to continue if you choose. I invite you to celebrate all of the work you have embraced as points of deeper inspiration, action, heart, body and ultimately Spirit.

A Ritual of Re-dedication of s/SELF

I invite you to join me in a ritual of re-dedication of You and your greater work. This is a simple ritual that may (and should) be repeated with each rebirthing you experience as the ongoing work of your spiritual/magickal practice.

What you need:

1/Candle – any color or type that you feel a resonance with and lighter;

An object of your choosing that represents your spiritual/magickal path;

A cup/chalice of water (you will drink this)

A tabletop or altar to place your items;

A journal and writing tool;

Printed copy (or physical item) of a Pentagram

A quiet space where you will not be disturbed to perform this rite.

  • Arrange your items on the surface of your working space.
  • Begin by creating sacred space in whatever way aligns with your practice.
  • Call any Deities, or others whom you wish to stand as witness to this rite. This may also include any beloved Ancestors-It is Samhain after all.
  • Stand in front of your altar and speak your name aloud several times-always beginning with I AM. Allow the energetics of that speaking to settle in and surround you.
  • Take up your candle and speak into it all that you are and how you would be known in all the parts of yourself. Allow each iteration to fill the energetics of the candle, flowing from your spoken word to it. Begin in this way…

I AM Mind… add to this how you perceive yourself as mind

I AM Will… add to this how you perceive yourself as Will

I AM Knowingness… add to this how you perceive yourself as the intuitive waters

I AM Manifest Form add to this how you perceive yourself as corporeal form

  • When complete and you feel the density of what you have placed into the candle, light it and place it centrally within (or on top) of the Pentagram.  Make this declaration…

This is the space of coalescing all that I perceive of myself in all of my parts

  • Take up the glass/chalice of water and holding it speak into the waters all that you have become and will continue to birth in all of the parts of yourself. Allow each iteration to fill the energetics of the water, holding the memory and imprint of your intentions. Begin in this way….

I AM Divine and Manifest Mind… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

I AM Divine Will catalyzing a will of Manifest Action… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

I AM Divine Knowingness and Manifest Emotion… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

I AM the Manifest Form of My Divine Nature… add to this how you will continue the work of claiming this in your manifest and spiritual forms

  • When complete and you feel the density of what you have placed into the water, slowly drink what you have enlivened.   Set the now empty glass down and make this declaration…

As these waters of intention flow I embrace them in all parts of myself.

  • Pick up the object that you chose as representing your path of practice. Holding it, make this oath of declaration….

By my words of creation I fill this object with promise of stepping into my power of Highest purpose. I fill this object with the promise of the work I will continue of self awareness in all of my parts. I fill this object with my oath to myself to walk my path with integrity and right action and with this oath I am renewed in the rebirthing of MYSELF.


Take some time before you dismiss and ground your sacred space to journal whatever arises for you and to fully absorb the new energetic signature of your making.

Blessed Be and Happy Samhain!

Tomorrow: A Final Post-Samhain Writing

In the Aura of the Full Moon in Taurus and Lunar Eclipse

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Day Thirteen: 14-Days of Samhain

All Paths Have Led Back to Me

November 6.2022

We have arrived at the eve before Astrological Samhain. And, what a fews days this will be standing in the potency of Samhain’s arrival and on the day of its after-glow, a Full Moon and lunar Eclipse on Election Day! And, as we ride the cresting of this Sabbat’s energies, take note that the days following Samhain are those that will carry you through the darkening and time of deeper introspection culminating with the Winter Solstice.

These are the days of revelation and diving deeply into the veils of mystery and if there is courage enough, choosing a less trod path awakening a sense of curiosity and desire for what “could be”.  There is no right or wrong in the path of your choosing because ultimately all paths lead back to you, in all of your ways of Being as subtle and manifest eternally wearing the mantle of deep transformation.

You may feel that this is a “new” process, and indeed it is to some degree, as we are always evolving and changing, even in the moment. But, it is also the work that has been percolating at times overtly and boiling over needing attention and at other times a slow rising simmer, extracting the most flavor before coming to its fullness.

We have talked a lot during these Samhain workings about calling to the points of s/SELF and in those pathways there is always more than one path of choosing. We have called to our Highest space of Spirit to guide our journey, always mindful that the choice of which aspect of our nature we cultivate leads to yet another path to be explored and claimed as our own.

I offer these intentions to reflect on today:

Where will I allow myself to be called as Inspired Mind presents the memory of all potential within this path?

What will I allow within myself to arise as the deep waters of my intuitive and emotional being become the floodgates to be opened in healing?

What fires will become my catalyst towards transformation as I walk the path of challenge, action and desire?

How will I continue to honor and serve the gifts of my manifest form and remain balanced in the Spirit from which it has emanated?

In the moment of choice that I stand at the center of my paths of choosing, how will I step into the power and grace of a Spirit that truly engages every aspect of its corporeal form?

I invite you to spend some contemplative time placing your awareness in the center of the image for today’s post. Envision what each of these paths offer for you in synthesis. Allow your consciousness to expand in spaciousness and envision where these paths may have origin. Hold the intentions of reciprocity in receipt and offering that will become the foundations of who you have Become on this Samhain’s journey.

Tomorrow’s Post: Welcome Samhain! Welcome Me in All of My Parts!

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Day Twelve: 14-Days of Samhain

The Lantern of Truth
Tarot Spread

Throughout these posts I have encouraged you to dig deeper into yourself so that you may better engage with your Ancestors, the energy surrounding as the veils have thinned and the anticipation of what will be revealed in the month’s ahead.

The Lantern of Truth Tarot spread was originally published in alignment with the coming of the Winter Solstice. I have decided to post it now, since we could all use a little direction and guidance as we embark on the journey of moving inward. There is an accompanying video that may be used if you want a “walk through”.

This may not feel very Samhain-like to some, but seeing a larger and different perspective by the work of introspection allows for continued growth. What you choose to accept of the tried and true ways of celebration and honoring, I believe, serve as the foundation of what will evolve and change as you evolve and change on your spiritual path. And, what better time than under the spell of Samhain’s depths to reach into the new and unique?

Transcript and Links

This page is the transcript of a VIDEO showing the Lantern of Truth Tarot Spread

A Little Numerology:

The Hermit- Key IX

Nine (9) is the number of endings and beginnings and initiatory experience. This is the final single digit number that relates to the individual and unique “you”. Wherever nine occurs there is opportunity for growth; but, only if you willingly leave behind what serves no purpose towards your future growth.

The Star of the Lantern-VI

Six (6) is the harmonious elevation of three expressions of being. Two co-create and the resultant product is a third. This triune nature is one of pure creation and amplified x’s 2 gives the energy of polarity. This is the blueprint for creation that is diverse and can serve as a summation of all of its parts. In the model of the 6-pointed star there is an image of 2/triangles (3 parts), one point upwards in reception to the Divine and one pointing downward; acknowledgement that Spirit  has descent into the Manifest.

Seven Card Spread

The number Seven (7) is the outcome of the harmonious six of Descent into Matter. Seven offers the paths of exploration that will  provide deeper knowledge and greater learning from what has been grown. These seven cards offer the key to knowing more of yourself.

The Hermit Key is placed in the center and is YOU!

How To:

  • Use whatever deck you are comfortable with;
  • Set out a beautiful solid color cloth to lay the spread on to;
  • REMOVE the HERMIT-Key IX from the deck and place in the center;
  • Be sure to shuffle the remaining cards very well;
  • Take the deck in your hands and breathe and center yourself;
  • Set the intention of seeking the wisdom of finding the truth of your gifts (refer back to the numerology above as the support for this);
  • Set the intention of what is revealed to be used as the tools of birthing a light within that will herald the birthing of a new light at the Winter Solstice.

Card 1: Represents the strength of your Manifest form and its fullest potential.
QBL-Malkuth- The Foundation of Earth, the alchemical Elements and the Physical Form

Card 2: Represents how you will use that strength to create what you wish to out-picture. (The Darkness of Creation’s Womb)
QBL-Binah-The Understanding of the Creatrix and the Womb of First Beginnings

Card 3: Represents the action and energy needed to seed that creation. (Higher Will to Action)
QBL-Chokmah-The Wisdom of the Cosmos and the Seed that Emanates from the Limitless All

Card 4: Represents the image and plan for that creation. (Inspired Mind)
QBL- Hod-The Glory of Mind Inspired by Pure and Abstract Plan

Card 5: Represents where your passion can be stoked to refine what you have planned. (Inspired Heart)
QBL- Netzach-The Victory of Refinement and Balance through Mastery of the Intelligent Heart

Card 6: Represents the outcome and product of The Darkness of Creation’s Womb with your Higher Will to Action and the Manifest form guided by Inspired Mind and Heart.
QBL- Kether-The Crown of Creation and the Divine Shining in Brilliance and Awareness of SELF

Link to the Video:

The Lantern of Truth Tarot Spread

Read more about the Qabalah..
Qabalah Bootcamp-Just the Basics
Qabalistic Journeys

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Day 11: 14-Days of Samhain

The Witch’s Year Tarot Spread

In follow-up to the work of the Pentagram within us that was the focus of yesterday’s post, I am sharing a tarot spread that aligns nicely with that work. Today’s post is an excerpt from one I crafted on my blog at Pagan Square. I’ve routinely been asked to repeat it, so here we go. Enjoy….

What Arises in the Intuitive Gnosis of My Being?

The season is upon us and the Witch’s New Year is soon at hand. I have gotten in the habit of doing a Tarot Reading at Samhain, aligned with the Sabbats throughout that upcoming year as well as one at the start of the calendar year, aligned astrologically (sharing that nearer to Yule). 

The intention and flavor of many of the celebrations surrounding the Sabbats is one of a continued theme or thread of connection of one to the other creating a whole that can be used for magick, growth and deeper insights. Regardless of the theme you follow, that of the god and goddess, the cycles of the seasons, the flow of solar energy, or other-this tarot spread can be modified to align with those intentions. 

This spread uses 10 cards- 8 for each of the Sabbats and one for you standing in the Light of your self and another as the polarized opposite of you as Shadow. These two cards indicate the strength and power you wield in both parts of your nature as light and shadow and can be used to infuse in whatever dynamic and dose you choose as the energy of the cards relating to each of the Sabbats is revealed.  Read more and find the spread here:

Womb of Light: The Witch’s Year Tarot Spread

Tomorrow’s Post: Another Space of Divining the Hermit

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14-Days of Samhain: Day 10

Preparing the Hollow Vessel

November 3.20222

Today’s post focuses on the alchemical elements and parts of self within you and setting the intentions and applications that will open you to the foundations we have laid in the previous posts.

Last night I was teaching a class about the Universal Laws of Order and Chaos and one of the Laws of focus was that of Polarity. We discussed the many ways that polarity can be exemplified and perceived and the need to acknowledge the seemingly disparate parts of that equation as the necessary components of creation that join I the space of emptiness (or hollowness) and birth something new.

This concept of drawing to yourself all that may perceived as opposition is not a new one, but it is one that many do not choose to lay claim to. The work is all about Light and arising in power and spirit or the work is all about delving onto the Shadow and excavating and curating what is most hidden. In reality the work is about all of it working together, in concert, to create the great and unique composition that is you-both corporeally and spiritually.

What Are My Polarities?

We have many pieces of polarized content within all of our subtle and physical nature. For this exploration I would like to focus on the pentagram of polarity that lay within. The Air of breath and Mind on one point and directly opposite the point of Water and movement. 

The Earth of Body and Manifest creation on line with the upper most point of Spirit….

….and Spirit on line with the point of Fire.

And, although there is no scribed line from Earth to Fire they sit as pillars of extension on either side of Spirit’s spark.

The Hollow Vessel

The Hollow Vessel is what lay in the space centrally within the dialogue of alchemical and polarized points of dynamic.

This is the space of synthesis and gathering into itself all that is needed to grow and evolve both spiritually and mundanely.

Calling All Into The Hollow

I invite you to spend sometime with these statements and what arises for you as we call all the parts of our being into the space of the hollow of rebirth and transformation:

I call to a Mind that receives it flow of wisdom from the deep seas of gnosis

I call to the darkness of the birthing waters of creation to move in rhythm with the inspired rapture of breath exhaling into new life

I call to the Body of Form that aspires towards its Divine nature

I call to the Spirit that yearns for the lessons of corporeal incarnation

I call to the Fires that actively propel me towards the Divine Spark

I call to the Divine Spark that emanates into the Fires of creation’s Will

I stand in the emptiness awaiting the merging and co-mingling of all that I am

I move in the ebb and flow-the light and dark – closing and opening of my unfolding

I AM receptive and awakened to the potential of the convergence of many paths

I AM the Hollow Vessel that will BECOME the resilient and changeable SPIRIT of Manifest Form….

Tomorrow’s Post: A Tarot Spread for the Witch’s Year

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14-Days of Samhain: Day Nine

Artist: Jane Sunbeam

The Samhain Tree

November 2.20222

This Is Not Impartial, In the Least

Today’s post is focused on one of my absolute favorite topics- the Hermetic Tree of Life. The beauty of this discipline is its ability to remain relevant to any subject matter and its innate potency urging the practitioner of its principles to evolve, grow and become more present in all of their parts of Being.

Branching Out

The writing that follows is a musing on the energies of Samhain’s Veils and the Qabalistic Tree of Life. It does not require that you are well versed in the Qabalistic principles and there is a link at the end if you want to know more about the Tree. What I would invite you to do is to allow the words to wash over you in their first reading. Allow to arise whatever presents for you. St for a few moments with this and journal impressions if you wish.

Then go deeper for a second reading. For this reading, read aloud the words. There is a special magick in hearing your own voice and vibratory pattern in the reading aloud of a any verse intended for change. Read slowly and clearly, savoring each word and giving ample pause between sentences and paragraphs.  When finished sit in the energetic field you have created with your breath and speaking. Again allow to arise for you whatever presents.

Standing in Strength and Resilience

As you envision the Tree of Life that reaches deep into earth and up towards the airy skies, feel the awakening of:

Your Mind as the Divine architect that creates the limitless expanse that reaches into the aethers

Your intuitive heart as the life-sustaining waters that flow abundantly creating fertile ground

Your Body as that which although firmly rooted in this corporeal experience also replicates in the formlessness of space

Your will to Become and to know the mysteries of being shade and refuge, home and safe space for all forms of life


Your Spirit in synchronicity with the cycles of life, growth, decay and rebirth….

Ready to Grow?

Good! Just breathe and settle in to a new form and new way of experiencing the world(s)….

I reach deep into the loamy earth. Instinct and anchoring flow through my roots and the seeding of what I will become remains as the echo of its first planting.

I stretch and reach, extending deeper and climbing upwards. Fertile earth the home of my making and the lights of the Fae guide my growth. Nurturing, gentle and insistent on my survival. I pause in the veiling of what lay below of ground and small life and what aspirations await as I reach steadily upward towards the sun and star-filled above.

Nutrients flow and the blueprint of what I can become is clear and strong. The desire for air and breath and rain and moisture are balanced betwixt and between. Each moving dynamically in flow weaving what I desire to be in beauty’s grace and what I know of the pure concept of what I may be-come.

The sun rises at each new beginning and the light fills every space of the growing girth of what I am. Heat floods through me reaching down through my roots and a truck that is sturdy and strong. Light awakens every cell within my construct and bark falls away in sacrifice to the increasing width and breadth of my form. I look upwards on sun-filled day and yearn to take my place within the splendor of its kingship. I look up at moon-filled night and remember the blessings of the vision of the Universe and my place within it.

The pain of growth sears through me like a blade rendering down and whittling into form a perfect and whole state of being. And, mercifully the cold weaves around the charred limbs of transformation and sets the newly crafted beauty of grace and green, leaf and limb entwined in a dance of fall and abundance. All is directed towards the crossing into a space that is far above the land below and promises the vantage of seeing far and wide.

But, for now I pause in this state of remaking and breathe into all that has come before and sigh deeply as the wind shakes my leaves and steady myself for what lay ahead if I choose not to falter and will myself to survive the blustery winds that could easily tear me from my path. I wait. I pause. I rise anew climbing upwards.

High above the world below. Wrapped in the ephemeral grace of gentle steady streams of sun and moon woven high above the grounding of manifest form, I hear the heart beat of the world. I feel the embrace of loving arms reaching out welcoming me to my rightful place in the heavens. I stretch and I reach out, expansive and beautiful in the shapes of tree-top’s form and the cosmos opens in welcome calling me from my slumber within the Great Mother’s bounty. The swirlings of all that was-is and can be coalesced in the sap and bark, trunk and roots that have brought me here to this space of glory and strength.

And, on the fullness of Samhain’s night Moon, the ancestors gather around me. The veils of the realms opened and I stand as guardian and guide to those who seek the wisdom of what has been. I hold the knowledge of new life itself and the canopy of my limbs offer space for those to cross over and come forward in blessed joy of greeting once again.

For one night and one day of Samhain’s calling I rise anew. I am the Tree within all.

I am the shade and shelter that holds the keys to the mysteries of form and formlessness. 


Note: This writing uses the principles of the Qabalistic Tree of Life as an underpinning. Want to know more?…..

Qabalah Bootcamp 101

Tomorrow’s Post:  Preparing the Hollow Vessel

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