Overview of the Lesson-11: The Hidden Worlds


The Hidden Worlds

When we think of the Hidden Worlds, there are as many descriptions, inhabitants and scenarios as there are humans, entities and planes of existence to fill them.

In this lesson we move from bathing in the waters of stillness out into the Greater Canopy. It is within this space of fullness and expanse that we find the Hidden Worlds. This lesson is drawn from some experience and many good points of reference that will give you a platter of diverse interaction, concept and understanding of the unseen to formulate your own conclusions around. We will touch on the realms of the allies and guides that support us in our work and take a journey into our own hidden worlds of the auric fields and inner consciousness.

Foundations of Practice:
The Foundations of practice will offer a chakra clearing exercise, a special pathworkings to meet your inner guide (s) and have audience with your ancestors.

Reading and Resources:
Be sure to check out the Reading section this month for some classic books on the astral and new classics that take us into the realm of the non-corporeal.

So, let us begin the work at hand….

Waters flow
Around misty bend
And sun streams through
Leafy fingers beckoning near

Crystal shimmers in
Chiseled river bed
As gentle kiss of
Faery breath carries
Silvery sound on airy wings

Open the gates and step lightly through…….

What Are the Hidden Worlds?

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