Looking Back to Move Ahead


In the past year we have covered a lot of ground and explored the basic philosophies and experiences of Wiccan practice. As you move forward on this Path and open yourself to deeper experience, interaction and add to your knowledge base, it is wise to remember and return frequently to those core practices. These serve as reminder of the process that brought you from point A to point B.

The world around us evolves and changes daily, as do we. If we remember to routinely realign our focus and intent in accord with those first simple steps the changes we experience will be more firmly rooted and less likely to influenced by what the next “trendy” thing is.

Returning each day to our practice of meditation provides the solid and continually enriched foundation upon which our divination skills, astral workings and contact with the Gods and Goddesses may flower and bloom. Much like the perennial that is planted, each year those blossoms will be slightly different from year to year in response to the outer and inner conditions of the ground in which they were seeded. But they are still, nonetheless, blooms that originated from a singular common source.

Returning to our practice of simple breath work provides the necessary grounding and return to physical space as we develop and hone our skills in raising energy for ritual, spell and personal magical workings.

Looking back at some of our more successful ritual workings provides the base line from which to craft a new ritual that now will contain a larger and more expansive quality of effect. Being able to reflect on what the intent was at the time from a more distanced perspective and the way the energy moved and manifested offers invaluable information that can be applied.

And, the most valuable tool of all is the journal you have kept. Use it as both encouragement and textbook of what you have learned and how you have changed.

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A Well Worn Path

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