CofMagick2: The Hall of Divination


Gaze into that
Which holds the key
Reflecting back the
Treasure of answer to me.

Wood and wax
Crystal and flame
The truth revealed
The heart’s desire
Thusly named.

You stand in the Center Hall of your Temple of the Wise, taking a moment to look around once again at the beauty of your space and the life that is beginning to flow through it. You breathe in deeply taking in the smells of this space, a hint of Frankincense burning and the mixture of wood, marble and more. You are now ready to begin filling your Hall of Divination. Here, you will practice the art of scrying, tarot and more. Here you will open all of your senses to the information that always surrounds and is available.

This is a journey of learning about yourself, because until you fully know the inner landscape of your own being you will never be able to completely understand the unique process that is your way of making sense of information received and information shared.

You step towards the fourth door within your Temple and note that its color, pattern and substance appear to be shifting and changing. You take a breath in and a pattern and color take shape on the door. You exhale and it changes color, pattern and texture. You take another breath and it seems to respond to this contraction of breath, ebbing and flowing from one vision to the next.

This is your first lesson; the lesson that all information constantly changes in response to our interaction with it. To be able to draw from this flow what is useable now, you will need to learn how to identify what is viable, what is other people’s stuff and what is imagination taking hold.

Take another deep breath and this time, clearly formulate what you wish the image of this door to be. Continue breathing holding this intention, until all of the parts come together and you reach out, pushing the door open.

You hesitate for a moment, afraid of what may be found within. It is dark and smoky and you can barely make out what is contained within. No need for fear abut the unknown. The unknown comprises each of the “next” moments that we experience daily. They move so quickly and this state of their being is so transparent that we don’t perceive them in this way. But, truly, we do not know what the next moment may bring, and even so, we do not fear it. We just move through our day. You step through the doorway and time stands still, the reality of the moemnet dissipating as the smoke clears and you see a large round bowl in the ecenter of the room……

Within this Hall of Divination we will explore the various tools of Divination and learn what our method of discernment is. Some are visual receivers, others hear, others feel or have sensation and others receive downloads of information, much like the abstract format of a computer print out.

Review Lesson 10: Divination and Spell Work (Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path). We will refer back to this lesson as we fill the library of information in this Hall.

You begin your building in this Hall from the perspective of Earth, and making use of the elements within Earth are great tools of connection. Water, is a primary conduit of information. The waters of the earth and within our manifest form ebb and flow in accord with our celestial Mother Moon. Our emotions rise and fall as we interact and information flows from our bodies connecting all of us.

This first exercise is one of water scrying. Scrying or to descry by def:

a : to catch sight of
b : to find out, discover
c: to make known; reveal

We peer into the reflective surface of the water and hope “to catch sight” of the answer to our query. Don’t concern yourself with having to see right away. That is not the point of this exercise. Experience and practice will open you more deeply. So, consider this exercise a first “exercise”……

Divining the Waters of Insight

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