Digging Deeper


You’ve done a lot of foundational work this month and your Temple of the Wise is coming to life filled with your intention and effort. Your Temple now holds Four Halls of creative intention and the balance of the Divine, Inner Sight and the Wisdom of the Stars. In the months ahead, these Halls will not only become resources for your study and practice, but a stream of integrated information to draw upon in all of your endeavors.

I’ve purposefully paused instead of jumping directly into the next Lesson. In order for a foundation to be lasting, it must be tried and testing. All the proper assessments must be made that it can sustain and hold what it was built to accommodate and often there is the need to re-do, refine and re-structure.

To complete this lesson, the work of digging deeper is that of anchoring. I want you to read through each of the week’s lessons again. Analyze what you find has been created and be ruthless in what meeds reshaping. Return what is not the best of your efforts to the Great Mother to be used and transformed.

Do Not Rush through the work you have done. This may seem tiresome and boring, especially if your enthusiasm has been piqued; but there is always something new to be gained in returning to what was lain as the basics. Remember, the work of this month’s lesson was that of establishing the Pillar of Earth as support to your building. Earth requires the full measure of your attention. Earth requires the tender care of a loving hand to mold and shape it into useable quality. It is from this Pillar as we move into the next of Air and soar that the tethers planted in Earth will provide the solid ground of return.

I will post some special workings that will assist in this process throughout the month. The first being a pathworking of balance in honor of the New Moon in Libra on Monday.

So, Dig in Deep and let the inspecting begin…


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