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Creating The Inner Temple

Excerpted from my Sage Woman Blog-Womb of Light… ….In preparation for Part Two of the Inner Temple, spend some time thinking about the types of meditation and/or pathworkings you may have already experienced. Knowing what you know now, how would … Continue reading

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It’s Elementally Intense! Six Planetary Retrogrades and the Lion’s Light

Originally posted on Temple of the Cosmic Spheres:
The celestial ballet that has been calling us to take notice has been intense and beautiful in the  patterns and partnerships that have been cosmically choreographed. Each planetary dancer moving in rhythm…

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A Celestially Auspicious Day!

Full Moon-Lunar Eclipse and Retrograde Mars Opposition! Envision That! July 27.2018 Full Moon in Aquarius 4:20p.m. (EDT) Total Lunar Eclipse Begins 6:24p.m. (UTC) Peak 8:22p.m. (UTC) Ends 10:19p.m. (UTC) Sun in Leo Retrograde Mars in Aquarius To say that there is … Continue reading

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Blessings of the Summer Solstice

The Great Wheel has turned once again and the longest day, the Summer Solstice, offers opportunity to stand in the heat of Solar Flame, cast the strength of our Inner Sun into the spotlight and bask in the expansive culmination … Continue reading

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June2018-Let the Sun Shine!

Originally posted on Musings From the Mystic Path:
Vol. 3 – Issue 2 Musings From the Mystic Path The Month of June Welcome to June and longer days of sunlight, heat and outdoor adventures. We weathered a particularly intense Winter…

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How Do I Find My Way?

Originally posted on Magickally Human:
Choices Challenges Where How Why And, all the while I’m still looking to find myself….. ? (Too Many) Choices You know what I mean? Just go into a Starbucks and take a look and listen.…

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May’s Blossoming

Please enjoy my recent post at Womb of Light, a Sage Woman Blog…. How do I describe what I feel? Words cannot complete the thoughts that flow through my mind like sparks of fiery truth. My heart is full and … Continue reading

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