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The Waning Light-Blessings of the Solstice

Originally posted on The Magickal Pen:
June 21.2017 Summer Solstice 12:24a.m. (EDT) I stand in a fragrant field Bursting with Summer flowers The heat of Father Sun pours Down freely offering its gifts Of sustaining powerful Light. I stand in…

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New Moon in Taurus, Tonight!

Please enjoy my post on Temple of the Cosmic Spheres for this New Moon and the live recording of the ritual working done in Under the Veil of Night workshop series… April 26.2017 New Moon in Taurus 8:16am. Sun in … Continue reading

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The Book of Creative Mind-Full Moon in Libra

April 11.2017 Full Moon in Libra The Moon is Full in Libra and its time to create your Book of Creative Mind! A special pathworking for this full moon: The Book of Creative Mind Accompanying post at Temple of the … Continue reading

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Two new Posts for Qabala Studies

Check out two new posts on Qabalistic Journeys blog. Focus on the sphere of Malkuth… Enjoy! Malkuth: Our Kingdom on Earth Malkuth: The Qabalistic Thymes

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Feb2017-Card 2 -The Chariot – Toth

Time to Take Control… Posted on February 23, 2017 by themagickalpen Where Do I Have Control? Last month the draw was Key VIII-Strength and that set the tone for what was needed in this coming year. The second draw brings … Continue reading

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Receptive Ground: New Moon and Pathworking

Please enjoy the post and accompanying Pathworking for the New Moon in Leo… February 10.2017 Full Moon in Leo 7:33p.m. (EST) Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 5:34p.m. (EST) Sun in Aquarius Tomorrow evening the Moon waxes full in the astrological sign of … Continue reading

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Ritual Pathworking: Lighting Our Torch! All Hail, Columbia!

About This Ritual: This pathworking is an experiential rendition of a live ritual held on January 29.2017 at 3:00p.m. (EST) in Springfield, PA. Our coven had decided that we would use the celebration of Imbolc, normally held at this time … Continue reading

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