CofMagick-3: The Hall of Divination


The Fool
I am the bridge between completion and new beginnings.

I stand at the precipice of the world, willing,
Ready and able to take that leap of faith.

I am the representative of foolhardy youth
That is beauteous of form and I have
Neither care nor thought to weigh me down.

The Sun is warm on my back
The ground solid beneath the
Delicate placement of my feet.

All the world waits with suspended
Breath to see what folly my next
footfall brings.

They will wait in vain
For what they
Lack in faith
Is the solid foundation
That prevents me from
Faltering on the Path.

You stand in the Center Hall of your Temple of the Wise,  and pause taking time to look around once again at the beauty of what you have created and the magick that is beginning to flow through it. You breathe in deeply taking in the smells of this space, a hint of Sage burning weaving through an aromatic mixture of wood, marble and more.

You move towards your Hall of Divination. Each step bringing back the memory of your time spent here previously. Your first lesson here was that of scrying. We used an element of earth; that of water. You may wish to revisit this exercise and review some of the fundamentals we discussed:

Divining the Waters of Insight

You step towards the fourth door within your Temple and note that its color, pattern and substance appear to be shifting and changing. You take a breath in and a pattern and color take shape on the door. You exhale and it changes color, pattern and texture. You take another breath and it seems to respond to this contraction of breath, ebbing and flowing from one vision to the next. You remember the lesson of this transition, and refocus your attention as you clearly formulate what you wish the image of this door to be. Continue breathing holding this intention, until all of the parts come together and you reach out, pushing the door open.

This is a journey of learning about yourself, because until you fully know the inner landscape of your own being you will never be able to completely understand the unique process that is your way of making sense of information received and information shared. 

This visit we are going to begin  building our knowledge of basic Tarot and using earth again, engaging our sight as a means of interpretation of specific imagery. The Rider-Waite deck is the standard Tarot deck used in beginning study of this craft, although not the only choice. There are hundreds of decks now, many are themed and once you have learned the basics, you may find yourself drawn to another.

You step through the doorway and time stands still, the reality of the moment dissipating as your eye adjust to the dimly lit space contained within. You take a few steps forward and now see that in the center of the room stands a wooden table. It is round and has a simple black cloth covering it. As you move closer, you see that there are Tarot cards placed centrally.

The deck contains 78 cards, 56 of the Minor Arcana Cards and 22 of the Major. We will learn more about the meanings of the cards and their attributions, but for this visit, we are simply going to “sit” with one of the cards and remain open to what impressions are received……

The Fool Begins the Journey….

Be sure to review Lesson 10: Divination and Spell Work (Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path). We will refer back to this lesson as we fill the library of information in this Hall. Our next visit we will learn more about the Tarot, use a 3-card spread and exercise our Divinatory skills.

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