30 Days of Samhain: Day Six

The Charge of the Dark Goddess and the Great Mother

Listen to the words of the Dark Mother, who of old was called Hecate, Nuit, Morrigan, Banba, Erda, Macha, Mother Night, Sekhmet, and many other names:

Whenever you seek wisdom, at the time of the Darkening Moon, come together in love and trust and learn of Me, who am the Wisest of Crones…Ye who search the mysteries of the Earth, the secrets of Air and Darkness, of Blood and Fire, the silence of the uttermost stars, come unto Me, and I shall whisper to you in the depths of midnight.

Ye shall approach Me in silence, and as a sign that ye are free from fear, your breast you shall bare to my blade…for fear has no place in my mysteries, and that which you seek of Me will destroy you if you fear it.

For I am the dolmen arch beyond which stretch the mysteries of infinity. I am the silence before birth and after death. I am the clouded mirror in which you scry your own soul. I am mist in the twilight, the vast and starry sky of midnight, shadows on the Moon.

All things come to Me in the end, and yet I am the beginning of all. I meet you at the crossroads, I lead you through the darkness, my hand you grasp in the passage between the worlds. To those that toy with Me am I an instrument of self-destruction, yet to the true seeker do I bring knowledge beyond mortal comprehension.

Of you shall I demand the utter truth of all that you are, and in return shall I give you all that you may be, all that I am. For my wisdom is beyond the Ages, and knowledge of my Secrets is power over self, over fear, over death. Nor do I demand aught of you which you cannot give. For I am the Mother of Mysteries, and as you know Me, so shall you learn to know yourself.

The Qabalistic Sphere of Binah and the Womb of Creation
I’d like to offer a different perspective for the Goddesses of Samhain and the link to the Hermetic Tree of Life. If you are not familiar with the tree of Life please take a moment to read a basic here…
Qabalah Boot Camp: Just the Basics

The sphere of Binah is considered the Great Mother on the tree and is one of the Three Supernals that are responsible for the ultimate creation in manifest reality.She sits atop the pillar of Severity and with this semantic comes the cutting edge of what is required as the feminine energy seeks to refine and make viable what will become part of the Triune – Kether, Chokmah and Binah of emanation. I chose the image as the front piece of this post as representation of Binah and the sheer power she exudes simply in her presence.

The three Supernal Spheres that I referenced are Kether, the Godhead or the singular limitless source of all, that in its desire to become and create from itself splits and sends its potency in forming the sphere of Chokmah. Chokmah sits atop the Pillar of Mercy and as such commands the justifiable expelling of the seed potential that will move across to its companion, now formed as the primordial womb within Binah. These as polarized energies provide from the singular desire of Kether, the force and the form necessary for conception and the concept of creation. The seed must find its place within the womb of potential as as such the three together also exemplify the universal cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Using the energy of Binah as the focus o your Samhain celebration provides a container that is receptive to refining and testing the viability of what enters. This process is one of involution. In the reverse, what begins in the lower sphere of Malkuth – the physical and Kingdom of Earth’s gifts, ascends on the tree passing through its varying stages of evolutionary growth and having arrived at the sphere of Chesed- also on the Pillar of Force just directly below Chokmah. the choice is given to proceed across an abyss of great challenge and in so doing return to the primordial womb of Binah. This is a return to the waters that created you as the divine spark and reabsorption by way of a metaphysical death, or shedding what holds you to the denser realms as you pass through the Gates of imminence, and omnipresence.

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