CofMagick3-The Hall of Celestial Wisdom

You stand in the Center Hall of your Temple of the Wise, taking a moment to look around and take note of how this space is changing. Each time you enter, something new has been added as this Temple truly becomes a reflection of your work and progress.

You breathe in deeply taking in the smells of this space, a hint of Frankincense burning and the mixture of wood, marble and the aroma that is your personal signature from your many times here. Last month you entered your Hall of Celestial Wisdom and explored the Great Astrological Wheel. Your lessons are just beginning in this vastness of space, time and light and each time you enter this space a broader perspective of your place in all of it will begin to reveal itself.

You step towards the third door within your Temple and smile in recognition of this door of dark wood. Now, with anticipation you push firmly to open it. There is no figure to greet you and the Hall is dimly lit with flickers of light here and there. You step through the doorway, and are surprised that the circular walls you found on your last visit have been replaced by clear glass, looking out onto a moonlit terrain. You look upwards and take note that what should be a ceiling, opens out onto a black velvet sky. You breathe in deeply and allow your eyes to adjust to the dim light and sit down on the cool marble floor, surrounded by the beauty of the Cosmos and a night illuminated by a Full Moon….

To continue our studies and in honor of the first Full Moon of 2016 that waxes in all of her glory on Saturday (Jan. 23rd), our focus will be on role of the Moon in Magick and our mundane world.

The Moon is most often associated with the Feminine principle; the Goddess. Her phases of New, Full and Dark correlate to the triple aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone, respectively. In the study of astrology, the Moon rules the astrological sign of Cancer, a Cardinal Water sign. The energy of Cancer is typified by the deep attachment to home, emotional attachment in relationship and a deep and abiding loyalty in conserving what nurtures. These are all attributes of the Moon as the life giver, and protectress of the ebb and flow of chronological time as the product of that life catalyzer evolves towards maturity and fullness.

We call to the energies of the New Moon as the space of time to seed what will germinate as the pressure of waxing  and bolstering takes hold. The exuberance and expectation of the Maiden, not quite ready to reveal the entirety of her beauty, presses her fertility into the soil with graceful fingers and gentle hands. If we have tended and nurtured what we initiated, we eagerly await the Fullness of our efforts. Mother Moon waxes full shining in all of her glory, proudly illuminating the creation of tender loving intent.

The cycle continues and what has peaked at the Full Moon, now completes its measure of return as the energy wanes and the protection that was the Mother’s now flows into the strength and confidence of the Crone. The time of nurturing is over and in its place stands the wise woman who does not mince words, holds us accountable and pokes and prods with bony finger if displeased with the choices made. The Moon settles into her cloak of darkness, shrouded once again in the mantle of velvety black sky. This is the commanding power of one who does not need to stand in the light to exert a presence that is palpable and reaches into the most remotes spaces of our souls.

The magick now is held in the space of transmutation. Old becomes the youth. Endings herald new beginnings and the silence is a pregnant pause awaiting new life as the Maiden of the New Moon and the cycle begins anew.

Each of these Moons does not move through these tides alone. The dialogue of exchange is formed as the actors take the stage; planets ready to exert their influence on whatever phase holds sway. Some of these actors will remain in their roles for extended periods of time (retrogrades) and others will give a gentle or abrupt nod as the transit on their way. The costumes selected change and the designation of what type of role is to be played moves from that of the catalyst (Cardinal) to the stalwart (Fixed) and dependable character into one that shape shifts and morphs (Mutable) as needed. The costumes also tell the tale of time and all, from the enthusiastic child (Aries) to the mature individual (Libra) and finally grow into the wizened aged one (Pisces). All of these pieces come together is their specific and unique patterns to create a story that is unique to the date and time that Lady Moon steps onto the stage and calls to the devotees of audience to Hail and Welcome her talents and gifts.

As you think on these things and look out at the Moonscape surrounding, the magnitude and power of this Moon of Fullness floods through you. This energy is subtle and electrifying; serene and energizing; fluid yet strong. You stand drinking it all in as the veiling of who and what you thought you were slips away and the truth of your being shines as brightly as the Moon Herself. You close your eyes, offering up thanks for these lessons of the Moon, breathe deeply and opening eyes that are now starlight, you walk towards the door and pass through, back into your center hall…

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