CofMagick2-The Hall of Celestial Wisdom


You stand in the Center Hall of your Temple of the Wise, taking a moment to look around once again at the beauty of your space and the life that is beginning to flow through it. You breathe in deeply taking in the smells of this space, a hint of Myrrh burning and the mixture of wood, marble and more.You are now ready to begin filling your Hall of Celestial Wisdom. Here, you will connect with the Universe, learn the lessons of the stars and planets and the magick that flows through the Cosmos. Take a deep breath, for this is a journey that will carry you far.

You step towards the third door within your Temple. This door is made of a wood you do not recognize and is very dark in color. It is arched at the top and you push firmly to open it. There is no figure to greet you and the Hall is dimly lit with flickers of light here and there. You step through the doorway and find yourself surrounded by dark circular walls. You look upwards and take note that what should be a ceiling, opens out onto a black velvet sky. You breathe in deeply and allow your eyes to adjust to the dim light and sit down on the cool marble floor, looking up at the beauty of the Cosmos….

Within this Hall of Celestial Wisdom we will explore the lessons of the Universe. The teachings will be those of the nature of your being that is starseed, light and part of the Universe. In the Year and A day on the Wiccan Path you began building your knowledge of the basics of astrology and the power of the Planetary energies. These lessons will be reviewed and will pave the way for you to move more deeply into the mysteries of the Three Suns, the stars and the Lunar tides we hold within.

You begin your building in this Hall from the perspective of Earth, the place you inhabit and have daily experience. Looking out from Earth and up towards the heavens, the astrological wheel and your natal blueprint have provided the potential for who and what you may become and learn of this manifest experience. Each of the twelve astrological signs tells a story of growth and forward evolution. Each carries its blessings and its challenges; free will being the determiner of which you call into power. Each has its own “feel” and resonates with you in varying amplifications as you move through this lifetime’s lessons.

I invite you now to take a journey through the twelve signs of the Astrological Wheel….

The Temple of the Zodiac

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A Year and a Day on the Wiccan PathLesson 9:Lunar and Solar Magick and, Basics of Astrology

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Next Lesson

The Hall of Divination

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