The God – The Sage

Image: Helena Nelson-Reed

Solar Cycle

The God in his form as the Sage correlates to Dusk, the setting of the sun and the fullness of experience of a whole day’s journey. The Sage sees the world in its primal form as death and decay must flourish as the compost for what will be birthed anew. These are the ways of the animal and his is both guardian of its sacred realm and creatures and hunter to provide just enough to sustain the human world through the cold of winter.

His is the broad antlers of the elder beast that stands in the aim of the Hunter to provide the much needed food. His is the distraction that prevents the over killing of more than is needed.

As the last and final harvest approaches, He is willingly cut down as His light is held in each cell of grain, winter gourd and root. It is this sacrifice that enlivens what is taken as the cold of the Crone’s necessary destruction takes hold.

From his body that is slain and consumed new life is grown. His death is but the seeding of his form that is held in the duality of the Crone who is both barren and ripe for the quickening of the God’s seed as she readies for His rebirth at Yule. He carries the weight and the wisdom of the cycle of Youth, Father and now as Sage his time of rest is at hand as his outer Light weakens and turns inward as it becomes the seed that is the spark of life.

Colors: Black/Dark Brown

Mabon- The Horned God/The Green Man
Samhain- Odin/Dagda

The Mystery of the God

The Youth
The Father

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