The Goddess – The Maiden


The Goddess in her form as the Maiden represents the potential held within. She is the newness of Spring and the inexperienced lover who yearns for the caress of the Young God.  The Maiden sees with the eyes of one who can see through the veil of illusion and crafts her own magick of enchantment and desire. She is youth in all its aspects of enthusiasm for and desire to know one’s self, limits and gifts. There are no boundaries set upon the maiden for within her many paths are revealed.

Color: White

The color white  is associated with the goddess in her aspect as the Maiden. White is the color of  pure light, radiance  and absence of any intermediary influence.  It is the color that is used to soften and lighten or brighten all others. The introduction of white to a darker color, imbues that color with a radiance from within. Much like the Maiden, whose gentle grace and touch of vibrant youth inspires and brightens us towards the potential for new life.


Ostara- Goddess of the Spring Equinox

Persephone- Daughter of Demeter


Blodeuwedd  by Emily Brunner

 The Mystery of the Goddess

The Mother
The Crone

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