The God – The Youth

Image: Emily Balivet

Solar Cycle

The God in his form as the Youth correlates to Dawn. This is the energy of the renewed cycle of Light and the birth of the God at Winter Solstice heralds the waxing light half of the year. Hope abounds and the God as sun-child carries into the world the spark of flame that will grow stronger with each passion day, as does he.

The Dawn begins the day offering its energy to begin the process of what will mature and expand as the light increases and the hours pass. So too the God grows quickly and with confidence as he becomes the King of the greening Oak. As the bearer of the spear of Lugh this youth proves his prowess and all that is within his aim is pierced by the impetuosity of youth.

The God grows in strength and so does the power of his light to quicken what now lay within the bounty of the Earth Goddess. His is the greening that calls to life the young animals and his is the face that lay camouflaged in the buds of spring green leaf.

When we think of the God as the Youth we envision the boldness of the young man, the sexual appetites and fecundity of the young buck and the confidence and virility to make his own what he most desires. His is task of becoming companion and eventually consort to the Goddess who has now also renewed and transformed into the vessel that is the Maiden that will consummate the Divine Union that joins them as one.

His are the strong arms that hold you passionately within his fiery embrace. His is the union of ecstasy that calls you to him in reminder of your own passions of youth and desire. His is the phallus whose seed generates new life that will come to term within the belly of his lover as they become Father and Mother.

Colors: Bright vibrant Green/Rich brown/Tan

Yule- The Oak King
Imbolc- Lugh
Ostara- Lord of the Green
Beltane- Belanus/The Horned God

The Mystery of the God

The Father
The Sage

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