The God – The Father

Image: Helena Nelson-Reed

Solar Cycle

The God in his form as the Father correlates to the noon day sun. He is vital, potent and has the strength of being able to provide what is needed to sustain life and ensure growth. His is the full power of the Summer Solstice and the vibrancy of having fathered what has been created from the union of God and Goddess at Beltane.

His is the tender embrace of the lover as he takes the Mother Goddess in arms that have danced this intimate cycle before. His is the watchful eye that gazes down lovingly upon all that he has fathered and waits patiently as these creations carve their own paths.

The God as Father is the authority that is called upon to be decisive and swift in judgment. He is both the Merciful Lord and the Raging Tyrant that seeks justice above all else.
Just as the noon-day sun gathers its strength in radiance and potency of Light, the God as Father has matured through the wheel of the year and it is His fecundity that sires the new growth that will be sacrificed as he transitions in to the wisdom of the sage.

Colors: Deep Hunter Green/Rich Brown of Fertile Soil

Midsummer/Litha- The Holly King
Lammas- Cernnunos

The Mystery of the God

The Youth
The Sage

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