Cornerstones of Magick: Building A Temple of the Wise

Cornerstones of Magick

12427557_sBuilding A Temple of the Wise

The Next Phase of Living the Magickal Life begins July 31st….

We’ve completed our Year and a Day on the Wiccan Path, traveling through the basics of practice and exploring the craft of the Witch. As we emerge from these teachings we are ready to take the next steps towards building our own Temple of the Wise.

This next course is structured to provide the tools and skill set that moves into a deeper place of Wiccan experience. As with any durable structure, we will take our time to weigh and measure what we lay as foundation and erect as the pillars that uphold our sacred temple.

Check back on July 31st for an overview of the course and the first steps on a new journey!


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