A Year and A Day on The Wiccan Path

A Year and A Day on The Wiccan Path



These Eight words the Rede fulfill:
“An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”
.. The Wiccan Rede ..
(Full Version, click here)

Welcome to an on-line study exploring the basic philosophies, practices and tools of the Wiccan path.  Reference materials and exercises of study will provide the foundation for greater understanding of this spiritual practice. On the First of each month we will explore a new topic with related posts offered in between.

Establishing Roots

First 6 Months of Forming the Foundations of Practice

May 1.2014 – October 1.2014

The Foundations and Overview May 2014
The Natural World June 2014
The Divine World July 2014
The Wheel of the Year August 2014
Tools of the Craft September 2014
Creating Sacred Space October 2014

Living The Path

November 1.2014 – February 1.2015

 Branching Out and Moving Within

The Magickal Self November 2014
Personal Practice December 2014

Still Waters

Lunar and Solar Magick January 2015
Divination and Spell Work February 2015

March 1.2015 – May (end on May 2nd)The Great Canopy

The Hidden Worlds March 2015
The Greater Work Within Community April 2015
A New Journey May 2015

Check back May 1st for our first steps:
The Foundations and Overview 

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