Meditation: A Heart of Light


To begin:

Ready yourself by taking some restorative calming breaths and open to what is to be received. As you sit quietly feel yourself surrounded by a brilliant calming white light. Allow your breath to establish a comfortable rhythm and take in the peace of the space surrounding you. Sit in this Light for several minutes.

Now imagine the white Light turning to a beautiful shade of emerald green. This is the color of the earth upon which we live. This is the color of the heart chakra. The place of unconditional love and compassion. The color of the plant life that offers oxygen. Feel it surrounding every inch of you.

Feel the energy of this green light filling you. You feel its warmth and your heart chakra responds to the gentle embrace of like meeting like. You imagine in your mind’s eye the opening of your heart chakra like a beautiful flower, ready to receive the outpouring of loving energy and calm.

As you sit in this calm space of Love you see the faces of those who love you and those whom you love. They are radiant and your heart felt love responds to the flow from them. Sit in this space for some time.

When you have received all that you need at this time, take a few deep breaths and visualize breathing in this green energy that still surrounds you. Imagine that as you exhale you are breathing out the return of loving energy. Continue to see this imagery for several minutes.

See yourself interacting as you would on a daily basis; walking down a street, on a bus, at work, with your loved ones. Imagine that any who are in your immediate space will receive this heartfelt love and compassion. That they in turn will breathe in this loving energy and with each of their exhales, again those in their space will receive. A chain of unconditional love and care created and sustained, shared in perfect trust one to the other. Continue with this focus for several minutes.

Take a deep breath and gently open your eyes. Remain sitting quietly for a few additional minutes and then move slowly back into the rest of your routine. There is no need to release any of the meditative experience. You want to allow the energy of the heart chakra to remain with you. It will slowly disperse on its own.

The next time you are in a setting of interaction call up the green energy and in the physical world, breath out this loving energy as you did in your vision state. After you have done this practice for some time, you will need very little preparation to place your self in this place of compassion. It will become your natural state of being.

Be sure to record your experiences in your Book of Shadows.

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