Bonus Foundation: Lesson Ten

Use this bonus foundation as a practice for an existing Tarot interest or to try out a new divination tool. Read through the poem and the description of the basic energies of Tarot Key II: The High Priestess.  Then, speak aloud a simple query. Something like-

Where is my space of strength?
What do I need to be aware of now?

Keep it non-specific, not something like:
Is he/she my true love?
Will I get that new job?

Just relax and let the information flow as you remain open to what presents.
Note: You do not need to purchase a tarot deck. Double click on the image and it will open on a blank page.

I am the Middle Pillar
I am the essence of the Moon and all her mysteries are mine to command
I know the secrets of the Soul and the ease of balance
I hold the key to questions yet unasked and I am the Gate to your Higher Self



The High Priestess is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and the Cosmic Creator. She sits placidly between the Pillars of Severity and Mercy. The penultimate figure of balance, and union of both Pillars. She is the still, quiet voice of ancient wisdom and intuition, opening us to the depths of our spiritual potential. The High Priestess beckons us towards moving beyond the mundane experiences that bind us and to gaze upwards towards the Divine potential that we bring with us into this physical state of embodiment. When we embrace this truth , we open ourselves to the Greater Mysteries and the intimate connection we share with all life in its aspiration towards evolutionary growth. Having the High Priestess present in a spread is a call to taking a closer look at your spiritual nature, your connection to the word at large and how you navigate between living in accord with spiritual pursuits and endeavors and mundane responsibilities. This may also be a call to bring your actions, thoughts and feelings to a place of grace. To move through your world knowing that you are of the Divine Nature and as such carry the great mysteries within. She is the Gate Keeper of occult (hidden) wisdom and to sit in her presence within the abode her temple of initiation is to experience the peace of self-realization.

Some Tarot Basics

The cards of the Minor Arcana speak to the day to day issues. The people represented on the cards are easily identified with vs. the more symbolic and metaphoric imagery of the Major Arcana. Each of the suits of the Minor Arcana cards has significant and relevant meaning as well, so you want to take into consideration what story the suit of the card tells as well as the number and picture represented. The reading tells a story, so always think in terms of connections and links, each card to the other. Depending on the number of cards used and the specific layout it is helpful to consider the diagonal line of cards as well as what appears overtly near one another.

Excerpted from:
The Inner Chamber: Volume Four
A Walk Through the Major Arcana
Available Summer 2015!

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