A Simple Grounding Meditation-Lesson Seven


Sitting in a place where you will not be disturbed, begin by using the Four-Fold breathing technique. When you feel you have established a regular breathing pattern, turn on the recording or listening to your inner dialogue move through the steps of the grounding meditation. When you are finished be sure to journal your experience and what difference this meditation has made in how you felt when you began and how you feel now having completed the cycle….

Take a few more deep breaths, feeling the connection of your feet on the floor beneath you. Feel the gentle pressure of the soles of your feet on the floor beneath and move your consciousness down into the full sensation.  Now imagine energy streaming from the soles of your feet, reaching deeply into the floor beneath like roots extending downward into moist and fertile soil.  See and sense the this energy moving down through the floor and into the ground , deep into the belly of the earth Mother.

When you have extended down as deeply as you feel is needed, breathe in deeply and begin to draw the energy of this space up through the roots of your feet. Feel this energy coiling and moving up through your feet, ankles and calves. Continue to breathe in deeply, drawing more of this energy of the earth up through thighs, pelvic bowl and into the core of your belly.  Allow this energy to move through your lower body, breathing deeply into its essence.

Now draw a stream of that energy up through the space of the heart, up through the throat and up into your head and face.  Move your space of awareness up with the flow of energy and breathing deeply allow it it to pass easily through the top of your head.  Push this energy up and through the ceiling, up and out into the light of the sky.  Breathe deeply and allow this energy to flow gently upwards coiling like smoke up towards the heavens.

When it has extended as far above as is needed, breathe deeply and as you inhale draw the energy of this space of the Great above down into your being. Each inhalation draws more of this potent energy down and through the space of crown, head, face and throat. Draw this energy down into the space of the heart and pull it into the enlivened energy now held from Mother Earth at the space of your belly.

Envision the two streams of energy intermingling, coiling around the other and forming one stream of flowing energy that moves from the Great Above, deep into the fertile earth of the Mother below.  Feel the stabilizing and harmonizing the combination of this energy brings. Spend some time allowing the flow of this combined energy to move fully and expansively through you.

When you feel completely centered and strong in the foundation of this energy, envision, both ends of these streams drawing in towards the center of your belly. Feel the enlivening of this space of your central core, feeling balanced and strengthened in this synthesis. Breathe deeply and allow this energy to distribute itself as it will throughout the whole of your body and when you are ready open your eyes and stand gently, feeling renewed and grounded; ready for the work at hand.

So Mote It Be..

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