Foundations of Practice: Lesson #5-Observation

Foundations of Practice: Lesson Five

burning incense stick on black

Spirit Flows

Find a space where you will not be disturbed and is well ventilated. You will need a few sticks of your favorite incense, an incense burner and a small candle for light. Place the incense/burner in front of you so that you will be able to observe the smoke as it rises from the burning of the stick. It should be in a position so you do not have to look down upon it but rather, out in front or at eye level. Place the candle of to the side of the incense/burner to offer background light, but not close enough to be distracting to your gaze.

Sitting comfortably, begin by taking a few deep relaxing breaths and then allowing your breathing to establish its own comfortable rhythm. Soften your gaze and gently begin to take note of the spiraling upwards of the smoke from the incense. Imagine this stream of flow as being that of the energy of the element of Spirit within. Ephemeral, yet able to manifest itself through air and space. Make note of the patterns and weavings it takes as it moves in ascent upwards. Make note of the point of dissipation where its trail merges and flows into the transparency of space. Make note that although this smoke seems not to be present at points in its burning, the scent of the incense remains ad the pleasure derived from its aroma continues on.

Remain with this mindset for a time. Then, close your eyes and call to your inner screen your own physical form. See yourself clearly. Now just as you noted of the incense allow this image to soften as you allow the part of you that is Spirit to flow sinuously and smoothly. See your form shifting from solid matter to the refined state of flowing wisps of energy. Breathe into this image, acknowledging your nature as a being of all of the elements. Feel the power of this image and remind yourself of the impact that you have at the level of Spirit in all of your actions, regardless of whether that force is palpable and manifest.

Allow yourself to expand into these thoughts flowing and moving, coiling and reaching upward and outward. Make note of the sensations of this experience. Breath deeply and evenly into this expansion. Rest in this state of being, simply holding the energy of the space and your form within it.

When you are ready, begin the process of moving back into the density of physical form. Breath deeply, with intention to fill your lungs fully. Exhale into the sensation and weight of your physical body sitting in the physical space you have chosen.  Gently open your eyes and more than likely the incense will have burnt away, leaving only the sweet aroma of its now ephemeral presence. Make note of this in realization that this is also the sweet fragrance of presence that you leave of your spiritual self in all the workings that you do.

Take some time to journal your experiences and use this meditation of observation routinely. You will be surprised at what you begin to notice about your own spiritual imprint and the flow of movement it creates. And, always remember that the most powerful magick of transformation is to…

Know Thyself in All of Your Endeavors


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