The Goddess – The Mother

Mother Goddess

The Goddess in her form as the Mother represents the creative, both literal and metaphorically,  aspect of the Divine feminine. In this form the Goddess is the giver of life. The Mother is the nurturer and offers refuge or “tough love” as needed. She is the keeper of the mysteries held within the fertility of her womb. The Mother is the earth itself and all life contained on this planet are her children. She is foundation and catalytic change. Within her domain all questions are answered. She is the fierce protectress of that which she holds near and dear.  She is the place of ripeness and fullness of the potential that has grown from the Maiden’s experience.

Color: RED

The color red is associated with the goddess in her aspect as Mother. Red is the color of life. The color of menstrual blood and women’s mysteries. It is one of the primary colors necessary to create the diverse palette of others.


Demeter – Goddess of the Greening

Danu – Mother of the Tuatha De Danann

sadness_gaiaGaia- The Great Earth Mother

The Mystery of the Goddess

The Maiden
The Crone

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