30-Days of Samhain 2020: Day Twenty-Three

Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

Finally, the veils have opened and the way is clear to seek the lessons of this season and explore the deeper mysteries of death. I have several options for your work today:

Videos: 1. Samhain Ritual performed on Oct. 28th. This ritual used the energies of a Waxing Moon towards today’s Full Blue Moon of astrological Taurus. We coalesced the energies of the Retrograde Planets of Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Pluto. Please note that on this date Mercury was retrograde at 0-degrees Scorpio. Today. with its retrograde motion Mercury stands in the astrological mantle of Libra. A fitting transition of bringing the depths that arose from Scorpio’s mysteries into the harmonious vision of balance and beauty that is Libra. (approx. 45mins)

Please have these items available for use during the ritual. What you will need:

  • 1/dark colored candle1/light colored candle
  • small cup with spring water
  • small cup of strongly brewed black coffee- only 1/3-1/2 filled
  • please print out (download below) and cut in circular fashion around the edges of the attached sigil. We will be using this as part of the ritual….

Access the ritual here: A (pre) Samhain Ritual of Reconciliation

2. 5-Minute Full Moon. The monthly shortened version of a personal and contemplative honoring of the Moon’s energy. (approx. 5-7min.)

Join me on this auspicious Blue (the second in a singular month) Moon in astrological Taurus. The power and strength of manifest intention for right mind, right action, and right thought fill these bountiful waters of Mother’s fullness.

Access 5-Minute Full Moon here: 5-Minute Full Moon in Astrological Taurus


3. A Personal Ritual of Scrying appropriate to Samhain’s gifts…

For many one of today’s activities will include some form of divination as means of connecting with the energy and potency of today. The Moon is a Blue Moon-the second Full Moon in a given month and in the astrological sign of Taurus. The strength and stability of this Earthy sign will support your efforts in this water scrying offering. It will become the manifest container of Earth that cradles the illumined waters of gnosis and connection. So, settle in and open this Samhain day to receiving answer to your query…

Suggested Audio you may wish to use to accompany your scrying:

Weaving My Ancestor’s Voices by Sheila Chandra
Any quiet and contemplative music that soothes

You will need:

  • Three candles- one for either side of the bowl
  • A dark-bottomed bowl
  • Water
  • A journal and pen
  • A space where you will not be disturbed for approx. 30 minutes

Place the bowl on a surface that is tall enough for you to peer down into it. If you are sitting, use a low table. You want to be able to look from above down into the water. Place two of the candles on either side of the bowl. Place the third candle directly behind the bowl. Pour enough water into the bowl to rise about 2/3rds of the way.

Dim the lights and reposition the candles if necessary so they are not directly reflected in the bow. They should provide back lighting, but not be a distraction. Take a few deep breaths, acknowledging your physical body in the space of your choosing and the surroundings. Take several more deep breaths, now envisioning that your space is filled with peaceful energy and that only that which is positive and for the highest good for all will be held within.

Take another deep breath- if you have chosen a piece of music to accompany this session begin it now- and quiet your mind and any distracting thoughts. Breathe deeply- and hold the intention of allowing your sight to be opened and whatever visions wish to present themselves to fill the energy of the water.

Adjust your gaze as you peer into the bowl. Soften the lids and allow the impressions to flow.Continue to breathe deeply and fully simply remaining open to the experience. Remain in this state of intention for as long as you wish, but no more than 30 minutes.

When you have engaged for some time, begin to restore your clarity of hard focus on the bowl and candles. Offer the space of gratitude to what you have experienced and breathe deeply feeling lungs expanding against ribs. Return your focus to your surroundings and fully engage your senses in the physical experience. Breathe deeply and extinguish the candles, restore the lights and write down the details of this experience.

Read more about Divination and Scrying here:
30 Days of Samhain: Day Nineteen
Cornerstones of Magick: The Hall of Divination

Read more about astrological Taurus here:
The Magick of Taurus

Keeping it Real: Full Moon in Taurus (last year’s Full Moon)

As we continue our journey towards astrological Samhain, tomorrow’s post will be a sharing of images and thoughts from tonight’s ritual: Parting the Veils!

About themagickalpen

Robin Fennelly is an Elder within The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition and also serves as High Priestess of Coven of the Mystic Path. She teaches and facilitates classes for the Pagan Experience Study Group that serves as foundation for membership within Coven of the Mystic Path. Her spiritual journey is strongly rooted in both Eastern philosophy and theWestern Magickal systems from which she has formed a core foundation that is diverse in knowledge and rich in spiritual practice. A life-long learner, her practice has evolved from the classical and philosophical teachings of books, practical experience and enrichment of this knowledge base by attending workshops of various spiritual traditions presented by master teachers. Robin formally came to the Wiccan path in 1994. Following practice as a solitary for 2 years, she dedicated to Oak and Willow Coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition in November of 1996. She received her 1st, 2nd and finally 3rd degrees within the Assembly Tradition. As a teacher of esoteric and magickal studies she has used Energetic Anatomy, Tarot, Astrology, Hermetic Qabala, Eastern Philosophy, and Numerology as the foundations of her diverse selection of workshops and writings for more than 25 years. Exploration of varied energetic protocol has been the focus of her work for some time now and the information gained through direct experience informs all of her magickal and spiritual work. Robin’s writings have been featured online, and in print Internationally. She has authored several books incorporating her unique style of writing making use of poetry, prose and pathworking to enhance the concepts presented. She has taught extensively throughout the Pagan community, including Sacred Space Conference, Spring Magick, Between the Worlds Interfaith Conference and Free Spirit Gathering Festival this Summer. Her most recent project is hosting an online blogging community entitled The Pagan Experience. Robin is the owner of Holistic Embrace providing services for mind, body and spirit such as Tarot readings, Astrology reports, Spiritual Guidance and other related offerings. She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania and her life is blessed by a 43-year marriage, five children and the opportunity to work in the field of public education. Robin's esoteric writings can be found on her blogs.
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